Horrific Things That Have Happened During My and Especially My Daughter's Life, From 9 Days Old to 25 Years Old

All praise to ALLAH (SWTA, the most kind and the most merciful)

Asalam-alaykum dear reader,

I am writing about the horrific things that have happened to me during my life, but all praise to Allah I am better now and I thank Allah SWT that he has put on this earth for us sinners a waseela,(HoIy Qura’an, Wali Allah, Peer’s etc.) a means to get healed. Through these means now Alhamdulilah I am able to write this story about what has happened during my life.

It all started when my daughter was 9 days old, back then we used to live in Pakistan, one night me and my daughter were asleep and it was about 2am In the morning when the lights switched off, this was a normal occurrence in Pakistan as the electricity was unreliable, to my shock when the lights went off I saw a abnormally large, dark figure, It had long red hair, huge teeth and was around 11-12 ft tall. After a few moments the electricity turned back on and this figure which I has saw vanished, by seeing this it had really horrified me and mentally disturbed me, in the morning I managed to get out of my bed around 11am, however my daughter was still asleep so I thought that i would let her sleep.

After I had my breakfast I checked upon my daughter and I saw that there was some blood on her clothing, at a closer look I saw that she was bleeding very heavily from her belly, button, It looked as If her belly button was ripped off and she was covered in blood. I took my daughter immediately to the doctors and they had bandaged it up. Now 25 years on, my daughter has not been well throughout her childhood and teenage years until now.

At the age of 5 my daughter began seeing shadows, women like figures and she would tell what she would see however, I took no notice of what she was saying but when she would see these shadows and women like figures her eyes would change as if she was being hypnotized, her right eye would almost close and her left eye would be wide open & bubbles would come out of her mouth and pop. I found this to be very strange and it had worried me very deeply. At the age of 10 me and my daughter came to England and she began to see these strange things, I could hear her calling me and when I would go to her and ask she would say that she heard me calling her as welt. Both of us would feel that there was something following us, I would ignore these things and I tried to ensure myself that everything is alright.

My daughter got married at the age of 21, I now thought that things will get better for her little did I know that her life would take a turn for the worst. After her marriage she would constantly loose weight, she lost so much weight that she ended up being just 3 stone! Upon moving to her own house with her husband she would hear strange noises in her house such as slamming doors, her husband calling her when he was not and she would her my voice too when I don’t even live there. My daughter would feel a weight on her chest and she would see shadows on the ceiling and all these shadows would occur at night time. During the day time she used to feel something on top of her having sexual Intercourse with her, in the morning when she would wake up she always used to be very grumpy and used to shout at me and her own husband. After some time my daughter had got pregnant, even then these horrible things would not stop happening to her so she ended up having depression, due to this the hospital had to put her on tablets so that the baby would survive in her stomach.

As her mother I decided that now that enough was enough, I took her to an Indian doctor in Aston, my daughter used their taveez for three month, they did not help as they mad her much more aggressive and violent. Somebody suggested that i should take my daughter to Pakistan as there are many spiritual healers there and they may be able to help as this could be a spiritual cause of her condition. I taken my daughter to Pakistan, we had spent :1 and a half year there going to spiritual places all over Pakistan such as Lahore, Gujarat and they would all say the same that it is ‘black magic’ and that she was possessed by a Jinn. We had spent a lot of money In Pakistan and there was no cure from anywhere after a year and a half in Pakistan we had came back to the U.K with my daughter exactly the same way she went. Nothing had changed.

This was a very worrying time for me as a mother as I could see my daughters health deteriorating In front of my eyes there was no cure in sight, the hospitals said that It was depression but I knew that it was something a whole lot more complicated than that.

I was Introduced to Hazrat Peer Banaras Owaisi through my friend, upon meeting them I saw that they had a great amount of noor visible on their face, at once I felt that ease, I knew that they would be able to help me. I told Peer Sahib about my problems and the problems which my daughter has been facing. They gave me taveez to drink and some to burn, I regularly kept going to meet Peer Sahib and all my problems were getting washed away, it was like a miracle, I had travelled to many places and meet a vast amount of Peer’s here and in Pakistan but my daughters problem still remained. Now that I had met Hazrat Peer Banaras Owaisi all problems had gone, Peer Sahib Is a true Wali of Allah, as Peer Sahib helps people in any way possible through the Qura’an and Sunnah of the Prophet, Peer sahib has Ludni and Ism-e-azam which is a great gift given from only Allah to his Wali, this is attained from immense worship of Allah and love for Rasul-Allah Prophet Mohammed Peace Be Upon Him.

Finally, I would like to thank Allah SAW & Hazrat Peer Banaras Owaisi, may Allah further Bless Hazrat Peer Sahib in every way.


Thank you for reading, Walaykum-Salaam.