I Was Affected By Black Magic and Evil Jinns Which Always Kept Me Sick and Gave Me Disease

Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Raheem

Aslaamu’Alaykum my name is Afroz Sayed and I am from Gujrat.( India )I’m writing this testimonial for the benefit of the reader to share my experiences that I had with Shaykh Banaras. I was affected by black magic and evil jinns which always kept me sick and gave me disease, I always freely tired and had no energy. No sleep either which i was not able get cured even after so many years of different treatments.

A friend of mine has referred me to to Shaykh Banaras. Ahamdulillah I can now say that after shaykh banaras sahib did rukya on me i am felling better and i am a more energetic person now. I recommend people who are affected by black magic to get yourself a rukya done by shaykh sahib .. insha allah you will be cured..

Thank you for reading.