Mental & Physical Problems

Salaam Brothers and Sisters

I am here to tell you a lovely story about certain things that had affected my life and this is my story. Things that affected me both mentally and physically. later I found out it was the affect of black magic and jinn on me. Sadly this went on for over 7 years but I never knew the cause of it, until I met Peer Saab. Now, I am a much happier person, more relaxed and spiritually content. It is the will of Allah (swt) that I am writing my story and the prayers of Peer Banaras Owaisi Saab. I met Peer Saab through my sister.

My sister knew I was suffering from various problems. And I suppose I was at my wits end. She recommended that I visit Peer Saab (also known as Baba Jee). I and my sister were discussing when we could visit the Peer Saab as I was unsure of it first. I used to work 7 days a week with no time off and therefore that was the last thing I wanted to do!

One night I and my sister were talking about Baba Jee and that night, I had a dream where Baba Jee came into my dream and mentioned to my mum that I am suffering with few problems and everything will be fine. At this time, I haven’t seen Baba Jee or know what he looks like in real life, I only discussed with my sister about going to see him. I shared my so called dream with my mum. Her response was Masa’Allah, it was a good dream and I thought nothing about the dream again.

I had a second dream. In this dream I was really ill and I felt as if I was possessed by something (unaware at that time it was a jinn). Then Baba Jee read something and once again mentioned to my mum, that everything will be fine. Once again I shared with my mum the dream, which she said Masa’Allah it was a good dream and I thought nothing of it afterwards.

Few weeks had passed since I had the dream; I was going about my daily life carrying the problems with me. I went to see my sister to seek her advice on what I should do. I was feeling really down and depressed and didn’t feel like doing anything. I became lazy, sad and cried about my life. My sister once again recommended me to go and see Baba Jee and I planned to go and see him the following Saturday.

My sister gave me the website to go on and to read the testimony which people had left their own experiences of how Baba Jee has helped them. (

That night, I went on the website and read many stories of people who had been cured by Baba Jee and this was their own testimony. I was amazed and shocked.

It was really late at night and I was getting ready for bed. I entered my room, when I suddenly felt cold breeze and I really got scared. I just couldn’t sleep in my room and went to my mum’s room to sleep there.

That week, some unfortunate events took place, all that I had been working for the past four years of my life, suddenly came crashing down on me. I had got involved with wrong group of friends. The friends turned on me, the ones which I had helped them out emotionally and financially, as I was about to lose everything which I had worked for. My sister contacted Baba Jee, who prayed for me and told my sister, that I should visit him.

Finally, I made up my mind to see Peer Saab. That weekend, I went to see Baba Jee, who mentioned to me everything about the events that had been surrounding my life. Baba Jee also mentioned about my so called friends I had, who were bad influence on me and they were doing wrong things against Islam. He also said that I shouldn’t keep any contact with them or else if I did, those so called friends would make me go prison. The influences of my so called friends and my lack of practicing Islam, I was heading far, far away from my family and faith.

Baba Jee also mentioned that I have jinn on me and mentioned things to me that used to happen to me. When I used to go to sleep, the jinn would abuse me all night and make my body shake uncontrollably. It was like as if the jinni was sleeping with me. I went to my GP couple of times and mentioned what happens during the night time, about the shakes and suffering high fever during the night time. At the day time my fever has vanished. The GP took some blood tests and it came out negative, showing that I am fine.

Baba Jee prayed and removed the jinn of me and I felt lighter as if a heavy weight that had been lifted off my shoulders. He mentioned that the Black magic was done on me and my family. He gave me a taweez to wear around my neck, bottled water with prayers in it to drink for a selected numbers of days and something to burn in the house. This was all so new to me but believe me it worked,

After the first visit with Baba Jee, I started the recovery process and was feeling much better within myself. There has been number of times when I have not felt well, where I have visited Baba Jee, who has helped me with any problems I was having. He has also helped with my family problems and taken the Jinn out of our homes. Prior to Baba Jee taking out Jinn from the family house, I would not have called my house a home, as me and my family would argue everyday about almost nothing. Bless my mum, she done blessing on the house through prayers but there was never peace in the house.

Today, I can say to you, hand on my heart, that I feel I have got my family back and they’ve got me back also. I have found Inner peace after so long, it seems like decades, but all thanks go to Allah (swt), who has given Baba Jee a small gift to heal people as he who have cured me and freed me off my problems and issues with my family. When I go to see Baba Jee, I always thank him for everything he has done. I cannot put the price on the joy and happiness I and my family feel today.

I decided to do bai’at (meaning following the Sheikh) with Baba Jee as I truly believe, Allah has bestowed powers upon him to help and heal people. In the past, I and my family have gone to several people looking for a cure but all they were interested in was money. The results were either temporary or no results at all, which left us disappointed, stressed and sad. And even more anxiously, I can say I have finally found someone who is truly blessed by Allah and we saw permanent results. Baba Jee is the best doctor in this world, you will ever visit, as you will not need to tell him your problems, he will tell you, your problems and cure it. He doesn’t ask for date of birth or mothers name or your name like several gifted people out there do.

Baba Jee only asks for a small fee, which he donates to the Mosque and charity work. That is such a small price for anyone to pay for the Baba Jee gives you and the way he helps and heals you. I want to thank Baba Jee again for all his help, thank you does not seem enough as I am eternally grateful. Baba Jee is a true Saint, Baba Jee helps people in any way possible through the Quran and Sunnah of the prophet. Baba Jee has Ludni ilm and Ism-e-azam which is a great gift given from Allah. This is attained from immense worship of Allah and love for Rasul-Allah Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Today I walk towards the path of Islam; my faith has become stronger as I now pray five times per day, read Quran as much as I can. And follow the Sunnah of the prophet Muhammad (pbuh). I am a much happier person, with inner peace and my outlook in life is much brighter. I shared my story with you so that if there is anybody out there who feels similar symptoms and distress please do approach Baba Jee. I am sure you will have no regrets!