Pains Removed and Walked From Darkness Into Light

Rosebella works as a maid in Kenya, she was experiencing bodily pains that seemed to be incurable, and they were almost endless as she would work hard with this upon her.

On 19 December 2013, before meeting Rosebella, Hazrat Shaykh Banaras Owaisi had plans to try and convert non-Muslims into Muslims and she was the second person to be converted on that day.

The honourable Shaykh, knowing that Rosebella had some pains, asked her “Where are your pains?”. Upon hearing this, Rosebella, like everyone else who is asked a question spontaneously, was confused as to why this stranger was asking her a question regarding some pains. However without paying much attention to why, she replied by saying “Me, I have pains all over my body”. Hazrat Shaykh Banaras Owaisi then said “You have a jinn within you i.e. you are possessed, and this jinn has been sent by your ‘boyfriend’ whom you have rejected, the one who is the father of your son”… As Hazrat Shaykh said this, he began to show Rosebella his palms, with heaven visible on his right hand and hellfire on his left hand whilst adding “Choose where you want to go”. Rosebella naturally replied “Heaven” and her faith was uplifted, refreshed.

Thereafter, Shaykh removed the jinn within Rosebella and then healed her bodily pains. Rosebella, having experienced everything, was unable to deny Islam as the Truth and readily accepted but with the Will of Allah Almighty, she had already chosen a name for herself (a name which she may have already been fond of) and asked the Noble Shaykh to call her by that name and fix for her that same name officially. The name that Rosebella had pre-picked, with the will of Allah Almighty, was the name ‘Halima’. Halima’s experience brought conviction within herself and she was overjoyed about the events that had taken place and about becoming a Muslim.

This alone shows that Allah Almighty is the best of planners, it was He who brought the fondness of the name Halima before her conversion, showing that Allah Almighty is always in control and it is He who takes people out from darkness into light. Allah is the greatest (Allah hu Akbar) & The Beloved Messenger, Muhammad, peace be upon him, is the Best of Creation.