Medina Ghosia Charity

Medina Ghosia established itself as a registered charity back in 2007, it was founded by non-other than our honourable Shaykh Muhammad Banaras Owaisi himself. The Shaykh is a diligent patron, who is heavily involved in all the operational aspects of running the charity.

It has solely been created to attain the pleasure of Allah ﷻ‬ and His beloved Messenger ﷺ via the avenue of serving humanity in its most basic and fundamental needs.

Masjid Projects

Our first Major charitable project was to build a Masjid in a deprived location situated in Pipli Luna, Mirpur, Azad Kashmir, by the grace of Allah ﷻ this project was completed in July 2009. It has been given the name: Medina Ghosia Masjid. This Masjid currently has approximately 35 students studying the Quran. Memorisation of the Quran will be starting soon InshaAllah. This centre has a fulltime teacher at present; however, we need an additional fulltime teacher to cater for the community’s needs.

Our second, Medina Ghosia Masjid construction project began in the middle of 2015; its location is in Qatar, Dadyal, Azad Kashmir. By the grace of Allah ﷻ, the centre opened in June 2016, it currently has 95 children studying Quran, Hifz and Islamic studies. Due to the needs of this community it currently has three fulltime teachers, Sub- han-Allah.

Water Provisions Project

Since 2015 Medina Ghosia Charity has installed 25 fully functional water wells in various locations around the Azad Kashmir region. They have been installed in isolated villages and homes of destitute people who previously had limited or no direct access to fresh water supplies. This amazing project has provided tremendous benefit for literally thousands of people. Many of those who have donated to this cause have done so on behalf of deceased family members or friends. What a wonderful and priceless gift for those who have already left this temporary abode!

Our core principals, aims and objectives are as follows:

  1. Build and sustain Masjids for communities who have a genuine need for them.

  2. Provide water wells to people who have no direct access to water.

  3. Build Schools, Madrassas and provide Islamic education for children from deprived backgrounds.

  4. Road constructions in mountainous areas, which enables isolated communities to openly access necessary amenities such as hospitals, grocery stores, masjids, schools etc.

Being in a similar position to all other charities we are completely dependent upon the donations from the general public to initiate and maintain charitable projects. Upon our website we have many pictures, videos and personal testimonies regarding the authenticity of the works which we have undertaken.

As opposed to other charities, we do not have any paid staff and neither do we pay for incurred expenses by our volunteers; 100% of monies donated go directly towards the project which has been specified. We have a highly dedicated and inspirational team of volunteers who in all honesty are significant donors to the projects themselves. This is due to the fact that they have first-hand experience to the authenticity and necessity of the projects which are undertaken. In light of the above we humbly request all readers to help support and generously donate towards our sincere charity. This can be in the form of your Zakaat (compulsory alms giving), Sadaqah (optional charity) or Khayraat (forms of goodness). Please encourage family members and friends to participate in this great endeavour. Your immense reward and recompense for your donations awaits you in the Hereafter.

“Giving charity wipes away sins like water extinguishes fire”
(Sunnan at-Tirmidhi)