Shaykh Muhammad Banaras Owaisi

During his childhood, the honorable Shaykh remembers having a tremendous love and attachment with the lives of the Friends of Allah ﷻ. This love developed and led towards him visiting the mausoleums of many eminent Muslim gnostics of Pakistan. He had a special affinity with the resting place of Pir Shah Ghazi (damri waleh sarkar) and Mia Muhammad Baksh which resides in Khari Sharif. He would often attend the gatherings at the shrine and participate in khidmah (servitude) work distributing food and helping with general maintenance. Through this love and devotion he was often rewarded with the spiritual visions of the great luminaries such as Shaykh Abdul Qadir al-Jilani, Data Ali Hajweri and Baba Fareed-uddin Ganj Shakkar (May Allah’s ﷻ mercy descend upon them all).

Shaykh Banaras Hussain Owaisi spent his early adult life in adherence to the Sharia and would often indulge in gatherings of remembrance of Almighty Allah ﷻ. He adhered to the classical Islamic values of always speaking the truth, regardless of the situation. Similarly, when he had given his word on a particular matter he would never turn his back upon this, as the integrity of a believers tongue and faith are intertwined.

In his adult life, the Shaykh found that his relationship with the Dunya (mundane world) became more distant with each passing day. This ultimately led to his frustration and dissatisfaction with regards to the state of heedlessness mankind is now displaying by rejecting the commands of Allah ﷻ and His beloved Messenger .

The Shaykh found that his only source of escape from his discontented feelings was to be in some form of remembrance of Allah ﷻ. He would often spend day and night reading Quran, Salawaat and being in prayer, submitting through prostration before his Lord.

After receiving various signs and being a firm believer and lover of the Friends of Allah ﷻ, he decided to follow in their illuminated footsteps and embark upon entering into a state of seclusion. Seclusion is when a servant of Allah ﷻ withdraws himself away from the trials, tribulations and attachment to the world and dedicates his entire focus on worshiping Allah ﷻ. This is a tried and tested methodology which has been prescribed by many great luminaries of the past.

The Shaykh spent three and a half months in seclusion completely submerged in the remembrance of Allah ﷻ. He remained in this state until he purified his heart from the corruptions which the Dunya and man’s own nafs (ego) exposes us to. He recalls being in a condition of continuous awe and fear before Allah ﷻ. He would spend most nights crying before his Creator begging Him for forgiveness and acceptance from Him, to become amongst His true slaves.

During this period and in a completely disconnected and submerged condition, the Shaykh experienced his first major spiritual opening. He intensely felt the different pathways leading to his heart become purified and illuminated. In addition to this, the veils of his spiritual vision were lifted and he witnessed numerous marvels and wonders all bestowed upon him by Allah ﷻ. During his seclusion, he made the intention of going for Hajj (the greater Pilgrimage).

When the Shaykh began to make his preparations for Hajj he received a spiritual order, that as a prerequisite to performing Hajj he would need to first go to his homeland of Pakistan and make honest and sincere repentance with all the people of his village including friends and family. Once the Shaykh completed this instruction he was then was permitted to continue forth with his planned pilgrimage.

Due to the endless favours of Allah ﷻ, the Shaykh completed his rites of Hajj; in this process he experienced many remarkable visions, occurrences and dreams. It was now time for him to head towards the city of illumination, the city of the Beloved of Allah ﷻ, Madinah tul-Munawwarah. The Shaykh recalls that on this journey something unique overcame him, from the beginning to the end of this voyage he sobbed uncontrollably, he was in a state of complete awe, he was going to the blessed resting place of our Master Muhammad .

“And if they are unjust to their souls, then (Oh Beloved) they should come to you and beg for forgiveness of Allah ﷻ and the Messenger should intercede for them. Then surely they will find Allah ﷻ Most Relenting Most Merciful”. (Quran, Surah An-Nisa, 4:64)

Finally, Shaykh Banaras Owaisi arrived in the greatest city on earth; he immediately went to his accommodation so that he could make a ritual bath before he presented himself in the court of the Beloved Messenger . Upon entering his room, the Shaykh sensed illness overcoming him, he felt his condition worsen as each moment passed. He was now at the point where he felt completely incapacitated and unable to move from his bed.

In this state, the Shaykh felt heartbroken and asked for forgiveness from his Lord, not for the fact that he had become suddenly ill, but because he feared that he was being prevented from going to the great garden from paradise, the blessed resting place of Prophet Muhammad . Whilst tears were flowing and rolling down his cheeks he observed an immense light enter the room, it was like nothing else he had ever observed before. He was blessed with the greatest spiritual vision which all believers long for; he witnessed before his eyes, the Mercy to all the universes, the magnanimous Prophet Muhammad and became mesmerised by His unequivocal beauty and His noble illuminated face. Standing beside Him, he beheld the two noblest companions Sayidunah Abu Bakr as-Siddiq and Sayidunah Umar al-Farooq. He was informed by the Messenger that his physical illness was only temporary and that he would be cured, he was also instructed to make a 41‐day seclusion upon his return home and to perform certain acts of worship during that period. The Shaykh said that during this vision he threw himself at the blessed feet of the Prophet and never wanted to be separated from that special moment. He asked the Messenger for His forgiveness and requested that He pray for Him, soon after he felt the light and blessed vision dissipate, glory be to Allah ﷻ.

The Messenger said:
“He who has seen me, has seen the truth (meaning the Messenger ) for undoubtedly Satan cannot take my form”
(Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim)

Upon returning from the blessed lands of Hijaaz the Shaykh wasted no time in entering his seclusion which he was ordered to do for 41 days. During this period he was in a constant state of worship. He witnessed many spiritual insights, visions and blessings. He endured various spiritual tests upon his faith, inner-strength, knowledge and sincerity for Allah ﷻ. After completion of the 41 days he exited the seclusion and performed his ritual ablutions, he changed into fresh clothes and perfumed himself as one does when exiting such a practice. Immediately after this, he received a sign from Allah ﷻ to enter back into this cycle of seclusion, the Shaykh realised that this was a test and submitted to the will of Allah ﷻ and continued the seclusion without hesitation. He continued in this manner for a further nineteen days taking the total period to sixty days (two months). He received the glad tidings that he had been faithful and successful in his endeavours.

“Behold! Undoubtedly upon the Friends of Allah ﷻ there is no fear, nor do they grieve” (Quran, Surah Yunus, 10:62)

For the next year the Shaykh entered an extraordinary spiritual state, of being ordered to visit certain places, perform specific acts of worship and to call people towards the religion of Islam. These orders would come in different forms but all of them were deemed as tests from Allah ﷻ to which the Shaykh always submitted his will.

It is our unequivocal belief that the doors of direct communication with Allah ﷻ ceased with the Seal of Messengers, Prophet Muhammad . Having said that, Allah ﷻ can choose to communicate with his chosen slaves through indirect means or a veil which He deems appropriate and befitting His Majesty. This is an established position from within the pure and blessed Sharia.

Quite often the Shaykh would uncontrollably go into states of spiritual ecstasy; unfortunately lay people through their ignorance would typically mock him. This never deterred him from his path as he was on the passage towards annihilation of mind, body and soul, for the sake of Allah ﷻ. Throughout this period he observed many distinct visions of great Prophets and Friends of Allah ﷻ and by the Bounties bestowed upon him by our Sustainer, he still continues to do so until this very day. They have incessantly granted him their special spiritual insight and adorned him tremendously with spiritual gifts and favours.

The Shaykh was informed of his successful passage through his various mystical phases and as a result he was ordered to concentrate on two aspects in his servitude towards Islam. Firstly to undertake as much Khidmah (servitude) towards humanitarian causes as physically possible, this culminated in the creation of the Medina Ghosia Charity.

Secondly due to his immense spiritual prowess he was instructed to perform Ruqya (spiritual healing) on those who are suffering from physical and spiritual ailments. By the Divine Will of Allah ﷻ he has been healing people who suffer from genuine physical illnesses and diseases, similarly providing remedy for afflictions such as evil eye, black magic and envy, all of which have been established through the Quran and Sunnah. If you are suffering with any of the above please contact us so that we can assist you, by the will of Allah ﷻ and provide you with the necessary treatment.

By the Divine Grace of Allah ﷻ, hundreds of people have accepted Islam via the inspiration received at the hands of the noble Shaykh Muhammad Banaras Owaisi. At home and during our travels we have encountered many non-Muslims who have come forth and declared their acceptance of Islam, sometimes this is without the Shaykh uttering a word to them. They would often narrate their miraculous stories of having seen the Shaykh in dreams and in wakeful visions, despite the fact that within the majority of the scenarios, these people had never physically met or heard of the Shaykh before, Sub-han-Allah. The Lord, Creator and Sustainer of the universes chooses from His servants whom He pleases to carry out His work, may Allah ﷻ enable us all to become instruments of the propagation of the perfect faith, Deen-ul-Islam, Ameen.