As a Fifty Year Old Healthy Professional I Was Recently Tested Positive For The COVID-19

Asslamu Alaykum (Peace be upon you)

As a fifty year old healthy professional I was recently tested positive for the covid 19.

It wasn’t a shock as I had severe symptoms in line with the corona virus guidlines.

I followed government guidelines and isolated at home. I had a temperature, I phoned a spiritual healer, I could not leave my home and so was fortunate to have sheikh sahibs phone number. Bless him he said a special prayer on the phone then advised me to make a hot drink using herbs and ingredients found in the kitchen. I had to take this drink twice a day, after day 5 I started feeling a little better and I am so grateful to God and sheikh the spiritual healer for this miracle. I have known sheikh sahib for many years and he leads a very humble life and has devoted his life to helping the needy the ill and anyone who needs his help. He devotes his time for God. His gift is God given and I feel so fortunate to know him. Alhamdolillah.