I Met Shaykh a Few Years Ago, Since Then All My Problems Are Solved

I am pleased to confirm that after shopping around for many years, a true honest and very helpful Shaykh, Shaykh Banaras Owaisi, was introduced to me by my family, who are bayt some where else.

I met Shaykh, few years ago since then all my problems are solved. I could not have asked for more, they have a unique kind of knowledge, the Quranic knowledge, a Lodni ilam . This knowledge is also explained in detailed in the Quran.

Since I became bait, (friend with them) my family problems, financial, problems housing problems, earning problems, health problems and many more have been solved. Shaykh, has a unique reading powers, when they read it seems that it is not them reading, it is some super natural power with them, but recites through their tongue, and people are cured, immediately.

In this day time and age, it will be very difficult to believe that such a person exists, because the media is brain washed in every aspect of life, especially the Shaykhs, who mostly make money by disguising circumstances and wrong preaching’s. People are trapped and then are compelled to pay them. You read so many different stories every day.

I can earnestly and conscientiously state that if any one is need of a Shaykh or are suffering in silence and have pains in their life’s, whether it’s children’s pain, financial pain, body pain, mental pain, depression or many other human diseases, you MUST approach them and see for your selves, because they say seeing is believing.

May Allah Tala ‘h provide them with further divine knowledge and courage to cure people in need, I pray for them all the time….. .AMEN