My Hubby Had Coronavirus, a Headache and Unbearable Pain In His Throat

Salaam alaikum sisters and brothers

On Wednesday my hubby was not feeling well. He had symptoms of coronavirus named as covid-19. My hubby had a headache and pain in his throat unbearable. So I rang Peer Saab they said my hubby got covid-19 they did dam durood over the phone to my hubby. Alhamdullilah my hubby felt much better all the pain was gone.

They also advised to make kawa. These are the ingredients we needed to make the kawa 4 cups of water then add ajwiain Dalchani, onion, garlic and ginger. Then bring it to boil when 3 cups of water left. Then take the gas off, let it cool and then sieve it. You must get luke warm water, add 2 tablespoons of the kawa, mix it into the water and drink it for the next couple of days. Alhamdullilah my hubby feels a lot better now. They helped me in one day and my hubby had no symptoms of covid-19.

Peer Saab help people with black magic, married problems and any problems you have in social life inshallah they will help you. I am sharing my experience for other people can get benefit like I did. Peer Saab contact number 07852742857. In Sha Allah