Recently This Awful Scary Virus (Corona) Took Over My Whole Family And Took Us Off Our Feet

Pir Saab Shaykh Banaras Owaisi has been a god sent to me and my family in different situations.

I have visited Pir Owaisi many years ago with my beloved late nan, who forever only spoke highly of him and had so much respect and love for Pir Saab. She had also became a mureed of pir saab.

This was after her granddaughter (My close cousin) was very dangerously unwell and we all had tried everything and visited everyone from nhs to Shaykhs, but there was no result or help for her and no one knew what was wrong, months past and she was not eating anything so had become extremely weak and fragile. Alhumdulilah Allah swt blessed us to see Shaykh Owaisi, a very powerful noble holy Shaykh.

After trying each and every solution my cousin was blessed with what you could say a new life after meeting Shaykh saab. He fully cured her at first visit by the will of Allah swt, Subhanallah. (Now you know why I wrote he has been a god sent as my cousin wouldn’t have lasted much longer).

Recently this awful scary virus (Corona) took over my whole family and took us off our feet.

We all had fallen unwell and were suffering. I called Pir Shaykh and he kindly done a dua for us (dum) for corona virus. He told us to drink a tea which is a kawa (a herbal homemade drink) to help cure our symptoms. We started to drink this remedy and it has made a huge difference alhumdulilah.

A few days after, my mother fell extremely unwell one evening, she became weak and started giving up hope, we all became very scared and worried as it was a sudden attack she had. We immediately called Pir Owaisi and he done a dum over the phone. And asked for us to give her honey and water etc. He stayed on the phone and continued reading. ALHUMDULILAH soon after my mother gained her strength and felt 100times better and was more than grateful as we did not want to send her into hospital during this pandemic. She is very appreciative and she still can’t believe how she recovered that night. Alhumdulilah by the will of Allah swt and Pir Shaykh saabs prayer (dum).

Also my sister whom was very sick and had a very high temperature unable to even sit up is now alhumdulilah better and fully recovering all thanks to pir saabs dum and kawa recommendation. Which also he said when he advises one to take becomes a medication to treat. Subhanallah!

We are very very grateful and thankful to Allah swt to have sent us a wasila (Shaykh Owaisi) on earth to help us in such times.

I’m unable to express in words how powerfully blessed Shaykh Banaras Owaisi is.

I highly recommend anyone whom is suffering with covid 19 or any other life threatening illnesses such as cancer or knows anyone who may need rescuing from evil powers such as black magic and possession of jinns, do get in touch with Shaykh saab and in shaa Allah he will be happy to help.

May Allah swt bless all the ummah and protect us all from all harm, bad and sufferings. Ameen.