Saved From Jinn Abuse After 7 Years

In the name of Allah, the Almighty.

I am a 43 year old woman, for the past seven years of my life I have not been well, I have been suffering from depression, and body aches and pains. I have been going to the hospital and had many x-rays and scans also I have been on many tablets, however nothing made me feel better all the scans would come up normal and doctors could not figure out what exactly was wrong with me. In addition to this I have had problems with my family too, for years I have been running away from my family not listening to them or not letting them contact me.

Throughout this period of seven years when I did not have any contact with my family and when I was ill, I felt as if something or someone was controlling me. Whatever this thing was it used to abuse me sexually, at night my bed would move from side to side, then this thing would pin me down whereby I could not move and it would abuse me. When this used to happen the next day when I would get up I felt as if I had been beaten up and my whole body would ache, I couldn’t understand what was going on or why this was happening to me. I wouldn’t tell anybody what was going on because I thought people would think that I was mentally ill.

My sister knew that something was wrong with me, but she never asked me what was wrong however she knew that I was not normal. One day out of the blue she persuaded me to go and see her Peer Saab and I agreed to go.

The day when I went to visit Hazrat Peer Banaras Owaisi, was the hardest day of my whole life as the thing which was abusing me would not let me go and was fighting me. My heart started to race and I felt as if I was going to have a heart attack and I was shaking and my voice went as I could not speak. I tried to run away but my sister did not let me do so. When it was my turn to see Peer Saab I went in the room and sat down I did not have to say anything as they told me what was wrong with me and they started to read and then they blew on me, at that very moment it felt as if something had left my body, I came out in a terrible sweat and I was trembling. Then Peer Saab told me what had happened to me in the past seven years, I could not believe my ears, at last there was someone who could help me.

They gave me a taweez to put around my neck and one to drink and burn. I had to see Peer Saab three times after that and I feel much better and normal, I have got back on track with my family, nothing is abusing me anymore.

I am thankful to Allah (swt) that he has sent Hazrat Peer Banaras Owaisi, who has helped me and many more people. If I am in any pain all I have to do is hold my taweez and remember Peer Saab and he is there for me.

Peer Saab is a true Sheikh and Wali of Allah who can help people with the will of Allah, May Allah bless this Kamil Wali and give him a long life. Ameen.