Survived and Recovered From a Stroke

Life is complex of novel possibilities and future is a chessboard of unpredictable surprises. Who knows the shape of things on fates agenda for tomorrow. All the family was very upset when my Mother became seriously ill; she had a very bad stroke and was hospitalized. The doctors diagnosed that there is only 50/50 chance as the stroke was very serious, the vision was gone, and she became very frail and fragile.

This was few years ago when my mother was approx 75 years old. “Alhamdulilah” , by the blessing of almighty Allah, and the spiritual efforts of a true Shaykh, Shaykh Banaras Owaisi, my mother is know fine, although she is weak but this is due to the age. She can now see, the vision is back, as Shaykh did tremendous reading for hours and hours, everyone thought the she will not survive, but we were all surprised by this especial healing power that the Shaykh possessed.

Know days most people do not believe all these spiritual healing powers, as most of the are business orientated. I must emphasis that there are still few true spiritual healers about the world, whom we can trust like our Shaykh Banaras Owaisi. We can all earnestly recommend from our deep down hearts that if you are suffering from any illness or the doctors have gave up hope on any one, you must consult, Shaykh, realize and enjoy the benefits of a true spiritual healer.