After Years of Marriage Problems, Sexual Abuse by Jinn and Black Magic I Saw Light At The End of The Tunnel

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I will like to share my life story to you all. Praise be to Allah, I am better now (Masa’Allah). My story starts when I was forced to marry my cousin back home, who I didn’t love and broke off after some time. Then I had an arranged marriage which lasted a few months.

At the beginning I was happily in love then it went rock bottom. I was so depressed unhappy and not loved. I had severe nightmares where I used to feel like someone else was in my bed and having sexual intercourse with me. When I used to wake up I would be screaming and sweating and after I would get out my bed I would start to burn up and get high temperatures. I couldn’t tell anyone who would believe me? I was afraid to SLEEP!

I tried to tell my husband, he never believed me. As a result, we argued a lot we both got depressed. We couldn’t keep the marriage going and ended up divorced. After a few months, I started to have the same nightmares again. Where I felt someone was in my bed again. I’d wake up screaming.

My dad took me to a Peer who said I had jinn from the house that I was married into; also I had black magic done to me. He gave me a taweez and water to drink. After having the water, I started having fits for a week. After another month the jinn went and everything stopped. Months later, I thought I was better, but then the same nightmares came back again.

This time, my dad took me to a molvi. He gave me dua to recite and water to take for two weeks. Again I had suffered my bad fits where the jinn came and went but returned after three months.

After that I was taken to so many Peers. We even went to Pakistan to see a big Peer who gave taweez; the jinn would go but still would come back.

I came back to England with more worse then before. This time I couldn’t walk, I was so depressed. I had fits all the time, I couldn’t work, I couldn’t go out, I couldn’t sleep, I was always scared, I thought I was going mad, I even wanted to kill myself.

I was introduced to Hazrat Peer Banaras Owaisi. When I first met him, I was so relived; he really understood me and my pain. I was so comfortable to talk to him and then I knew that he’s the only peer that will cure and help me.

He started off my treatment with taweez and blessed water to drink. After regularly visits with Peer Saab, I was getting a lot better. I stopped havening fits, nightmares and walked again. (It was like a miracle!)

It gave back my confidence and started my life again with a new job. Now, I am looking into my future which does look good (Inshallah)

I would like to thank my Peer Saab who is a true Wali of Allah, who has cured and helped this innocent helpless child. Please do a dua for Peer Saab and me and all the helpless people who are suffering and remember there is a light at the end of the tunnel.