Smoking Affected My Health

This is my story and how it has affected my life everyday. I Zahida Bi have been smoking for past 20 years. I have smoked 40 cigarettes a day. I have tried my best to give up many times before but could not give up. I tried nicotine patches and therapy but it never worked on me. When I came to see Peer Sahib they told me to give up smoking.

I have started to give up smoking all together and I feel better in my life now. Before when I walked, I could not walk for long. I had spent over 52k [2.6k a year] on cigarettes alone and I am very great full to Peer Sahib for helping me to give up smoking.

I thank Allah [SWT] that he put on this earth a person like Hazrat Peer Banaras Owaisi, may Allah further Bless Hazrat Peer Sahib in every way.

Thank you for reading my story.