Cleaners Of Masjid Al Haram Were Healed

My story of how, I had accidently bumped into Peer Saab. I didn’t know him personally but I heard from a very good friend that he was healed there and then by this man all dressed in white. He was friendly and helpful person. My close friend who got healed was a Patan from Pakistan. We work in Makah as cleaners, who make sure that everything is cleaned up and safe for the public who come to pray daily namaaz or umrah / hajj. So I would say I am in the best place in this world. I see Kabaa everyday as I am working there for few good years now. I am very happy and enjoy my job here.

My friend, The Patan, he had a problem with his right leg. He couldn’t walk that much and he had problem in working as the leg would give him shooting pains. He had a general accident at work and his right leg had been troubling him for a number of years. Now, he’s not a young man but I would say he is in his late 50’s. He was also suffering from a chest pain due to Black magic (evil of wickedness).

The Patan said,” This man called Peer Saab, just came to me and asked me “what was the problem?”. I was in much pain at that time and I explained what had happened in the past. Peer Saab read something and blew on me. The pain had disappeared and I was shocked and amazed how this man can cure my illness that quickly. My chest pains also disappeared in an instant. I started to walk without pain and breathe air without any pain.” I was very happy that Peer Saab came to me. Peer Saab told me about the chest pain which I had been suffering for almost 20 years was due to black magic. I asked Peer Saab who he was and where did he come from. Peer Saab said, “He is sent by Allah (swt) to help mankind with problems”. Allah (swt) has gifted him with miracle powers, Subhaan ‘Allah.

My friend Patan also mentioned another miracle which happened after him. There was this man who regularly comes to pray namaaz in Makah. It was Asr namaaz at the time. He was an Arab caste. He had pains in both his knees for number of years now. He saw my miracle cure and decided to try Peer Saab on his problem. Peer Saab asked him where the pain was and the man pointed towards both of his knees (legs). Peer Saab touched his legs and blew on him and instantly he was happy the pain had gone. He stood up and started to walk and overjoyed with great relive. He couldn’t thank Peer Saab enough. Masa’Allah he too was cured!

My turn was next after Asr namaaz had ended. I was looking out for Peer Saab and praying that I meet him after hearing from our Patan friend what had taken place. I saw Peer Saab as I recognised the description given to me by Patan. I stopped Peer Saab and asked if he could cure my problem. I had indigestion problem and had been taking medications from Pakistan.

This medication caused more problems then to relive me. I have been suffering for more then few days now. Peer Saab, touched the sides of my forehead and I was instantly cured. I just couldn’t thank Peer Saab enough. I even took his business card, so that I can get in touch with him. Peer Saab, also mentioned about my wife and child problem. I was shocked to hear from Peer Saab about my family history. How can this man know so much about me!!

Peer Saab told me to tell my wife in Pakistan to give (Yarmee Sharif) Langar. Do that and all your family problems would be cured? Insha Allah.

I have heard a lot from other people about the miracle cures and seen less of it. I now believe a person like Peer Saab exists in this world and they are so rare like diamond. I am so happy to have met Peer Saab. The great Wali of Allah, who has been gifted with healing powers. May Allah give him long life, better health and safety back to London to keep up this good work of Allah (swt), Ameen.

Thank you for reading my story

Jazakala Khair