Heavy Black Magic By Blood

Dear Brothers and Sisters

I am just about to tell you all something that changed my life completely. Well at the age of 18 I lost my father whom played a big role in my life. Whilst he was alive I had everything you can imagine losing him was a negative impact on my life. As I was the eldest I had a lot of burden on me from financial to domestic plus everything, at this time I didn’t grieve as I had no time I guess.

My mother had really bad depression she went all quite did not communicate with any one, she stopped socialising, she was always in the house not knowing anything about her kids. I had 4 siblings who were younger than me I had to look after them like mother and father.

As time went on things started to get better my siblings got to the age were they started to help, mum came round a little as she was on anti depressions tablets I started collage everything started to look good. It came time when my mum decided to get me married, even though I was recovering from my dad’s death, I agreed because that would make my mum happy. We had to travel to Pakistan as I was getting married to my first cousin whom I not met or spoke to I agreed because it was my father’s wish. I got married without my brothers and father my mum had to give me away which was heartbreaking. After marriage I came back to England within 4 weeks I didn’t get to know my husband at all.

As I was getting used to marriage life I found out that I was pregnant which shocked me completely, I was not sure if I was to keep the baby or not I was so confused that’s when my mum said “keep the baby and leave everything up to ALLAH he shall make everything better” so I carried on in my pregnancy. I went on in my pregnancy I started to get very ill, I got so bad that the doctors gave up they said time will tell if the baby will survive or not. I was going through a very rough time: that’s when someone suggested seeing someone, whom I can’t remember, but I do remember that he said I have eaten or drank some taweeez & he said in order to cure it I would need to wear a taweez around my neck and also some taweez water to drink. I remember him saying that since I ate and drank taweez beforehand, he doesn’t know what the damage would be which wasn’t assuring at all, but I guess the taweez he gave me helped in giving birth to a healthy boy {MashAllah}. After the birth I got very ill I was put on loads of medications which got me through I guess, but it left a lot of stress on me. As 6/7 months passed my husband came over to England to spend his life with us, it was very strange because everything was new for him and me.

As time went on we had good 5/6 months but after that, things started to go downhill & we started to argue. He was accusing me and I was accusing him, it just got worse and worse. We decided to separate as I couldn’t take it anymore but I don’t know how, but my eyes gazed upon our son who was less than a year old & I thought to myself that it’s not fair on him so i decided to sit down and talk to my husband and Alhamdulillah we finally agreed on something.

Three years later i got pregnant, in which unfortunately I had a still birth, which shocked all of us. Even the doctors were shocked as they said my placenta tore without any reason. Since I was in hospital at that time, all of a sudden went into COMA for 2 days. Everyone was devastated, my mum was scared so she decided to see some molvi whom said I had black magic done to me, but gave no reason of why they were done.

He took money first and gave some taweez to wear and drink which I did whilst recovering from PRECLAMPSIA. It took time but I did slowly recover, this caused lack of sleeping a lot of stress I was told it would get better in time.

Time went on, I got pregnant and my child was born with a hole in his heart which couldn’t heal without a surgery. We were put on a waiting list, my child was in and out of hospital day and night we were in stress not sleeping/eating & life was just hard. I just wanted to know why all this was happing to me. Me and my husband’s problems started to accrue at this moment I was put on anti-depressions tablets 3 times a day which got me worse: I was always sleeping, couldn’t concentrate at all although my husband was a big help then. So much was going on that we forgot our problems.

Somehow my husband met a Arabic SHEKH who came and said I had something was with me through black magic, he said it could be treated very easily we all thought finely everything would get better he gave me oil to put on 2 times a day I was not allowed to go out for about a month & he gave me black honey to eat. He also gave me some oil to drink, which was not nice at all, but I still had some because I wanted to get better A.S.A.P. He took a lot of money, hundreds, but no change, so we decided to stop the treatment as we couldn’t afford it any more. On top of everything, a few weeks later, we found out that the SHEKH was on the run for fraud! When we heard this we were devastated, we couldn’t believe how we fell for him. My MEMORY was going, my SKIN was AGING, my EYE SIGHT, went bad, I started to get headaches, my body was hurting, and everyone didn’t know what to do. We were living as not living counting days as they were going pass.

Then one day my mum wanted to go see / talk to Peer Banaras Owaisi, to see if he would cure her pain of arthritis. She phoned Peer Saab and he did dua over the phone. MashAllah, her pain went a little and he asked her to come to him since she got arthritis. She went down and Peer Saab, Alhamdulillah, MashAllah, he told her BLACK MAGIC was done on her so she goes weak, doesn’t get out of the house and always stays inside, with the help of Peer Saab she got better in just few days. Her arthritis was gone & she stopped using her walking stick. ALHAMDULILLAH, she started to socialise go out shopping it was really nice to see our mum back ALHAMDULILLAH.

The main thing was she got her answers to why she was so bad all this was done for free. I was shocked my mum advised me to go to him my husband had a feeling he was the one who would help. So we took the courage and went. I was scared thinking what he was going to say most of all what is he going to give to eat and drink that’s because I still had the taste in my mouth from the previous treatment, but MASHALLAH to my surprise when I went to see him it was a lot of my burden was of already without talking to him.

As we went and sat he told us everything to my surprise even the things only me and my husband knew about not even my mum knew about them, he told us that we had black magic done to us and they were mainly done me because I married my husband it is all done because of JEAOULSY. The black magic was done with blood which was VERY VERY dangerous. He also said I was suffering from severe depression which could end up killing me. Hearing all that made me upset, that’s when PEER SAAB said don’t worry my hand will always stay on your head which I heard after a long time, well the only time I heard it was when my dad was alive.

PEER SAAB started his treatment by doing DAMM on me which took time because the black magic was done by blood. As he was doing the treatment I got worse, my head was going all heavy and then after few minutes my head went all light the pressure on my eyes went down. My vision got clear & ALHAMDULILAH, I can’t tell you how light I went, they also asked me to have pomegranates in milk with honey I laughed at first because I was thinking it’s a joke but no, I had to have it every morning for about 3 months. It was for me to sleep at night & to keep me relaxed. I also had to give up on oily food, yeah I know, I thought that’s impossible! I loved my takeaway but when PEER SAAB spoke to me, I said ok. Believe or not, I didn’t crave for it at all, even up to now. PEER SAAB gave me taweez to put on around my neck and said not to take it off, they gave me water to drink, which I do, up to now the treatment was so easy and AHAMDULILAH I am cured. I’m not taking my anti depression tablets any more, me and my husband are so happy with each other and we go out as a couple were as before we never did.

SUBHANALLAH not only me but my sisters were benefitted from PEER SAAB. My middle sister was always arguing with my mum and the rest of my family, she was always threatening to leave the house, there was no peace in the house but with PEER SAAB’S blessed water, she was a new person, 100% better. She got a job and also passed her THEORY TEST after failing so many times MASHALLAH.

My youngest sister had something in her room which was troubling her day and night, she was always in a mood, always alone, not sleeping, not going to school, she was like a stone on the sofa but MASHALLAH PEER SAAB gave her taweez to burn in the house and also to wear & drink. With the PEER SAABS dua she is a new person, all normal, or should i say all bubbly again. She’s going to school & ALHAMDULILAH things are looking bright for us now, we could see hope in our near future. MASHALLAH.. ALHAMDULILLAH.

May Allah bless our PEER SAAB and give him a long and healthy life, WALI-ALLAH, like our PEER, you will find very less in the world. Someone who would do the treatment free and also have his hand on our head. I would advise and suggest PEER SAAB to everyone for every treatment you could possibly think of, so please don’t delay come for yourself! Even just to talk to them, it will give you relief of some pain guaranteed. I hope my story inspires you to take the courage and come to see the WALI OF ALLAH.