Family Story Of Jinn Possession, Cancer and Heavy Black Magic

My name is Jasim Zaib & I am 25 years old and the event I am narrating below is true and I make Allah and Rasool SAW as my witness to this. I am a friend of this family and I am narrating this story to show people that Wali’s and Faqeers of ALLAH still exist in this world and they are able to help people with there powers that have been granted to them by ALLAH. In the even below I have referred to myself as “we”, as I do not intend to release any identity of the family or the person who was possessed. I will only share partial side of the story as writing the full story could end up me writing a book. I will also cover few other events on how Peer Saab has helped my family members.

Recently my cousin during the holy month of Raamdhan suffered from very weird possession of a Hindu Jinn. My cousin is a very religious person and prays 5 times a day. It was taraveeh time when she went upstairs to her room to pray and read the the Holy Quran. After sometime she screamed very loud and when her mother went to her room to see what was happening she was singing and screaming. The father an the mother first thought she was messing about, at this time my cousin had woken up due to her screaming and making wierd noises. When he saw her he had suspected that she might have been possessed. The family tried to speak to her but she was quite and wouldn’t say a word but the look in her eye was evil. My cousin who has previously seen Jinns been taken out by Quran recitiation, went onto the website and played a clip of Youtube where a Mowlana is reading quran and trying to free a man from possession. When the Video came on and the Quran started, some manly noise from inside my cousin started to come out and shouted that this will not work to take me out and laughed in a very scary and obscene way. The family were not sure that the Girl is poccessed.

The family at that stage had no other option and took her the next day to pir Aludeen Saddiqi saab. When she reached there the Jinn inside her tried to attack Pir Alaudeen Saddiqi saab, but due to religious power, he put his hand on top of my cousin and control the Jinn within few minutes. Pir Alaudeen Saddiqi saab then wrote a Taweez for my cousin and attached it to her clothes and warned not to remove it.

When the family got back home the girl was fine but very tired due to no sleep at night. After sometime, the elder lot of the family had arrived after hearing what has been happening. The Grandma recommended that the TAweez be put in a proper steel frame and in a necklace so we can put it around her neck. But as soon as we removed the Taweez from her clothes the Jinn had reappeared in her and lauhgling said “I am back”. At this stage everyone was shocked that what has happened, how the hell did this Jinn manage to come back, only to find out that the Taweez was not attached to her. We tried to put the Taweez back on her but no prevail as the damage was done, the Taweez had to be put on her by Alaudeen Saddiqi saab as he had the power to control Jin through is Ilm. We called Alaudeen Saddiqi saab but due to his great work load and places to attend he was not available.

We had called many places but failed as none of the Mowlanas or Pirs that come on TV could do anything to take the Jinn out of my cousin. But as always we Ahle Sunnah Wal Jammah believe in Wasila, we contact Aslam Bundalwi saab who had recommened to us that we contact Sabzada Tahir baba from Kala Dev in Jhelum. We contacted them and he said that he can control the Jinn, but the person who will be able to get rid of the Jinn completely is Baba Banaras Owaisi from Birmingham and recommended us to contact.

We agreed and contact Hazrat Pir Banaras Owaisi, as soon as we called Hazrat Pir Saab had picked the phone and answered. While we spoke to him we could feel that Hazrat Pir Saab was doing something in the background, while speaking he stopped me and said that there are three people in the family that are ill and a girl from them is possessed. I asked who are they, he said the mother, father and a daughter. He was correct, I put he phone aside and asked Uncle and Aunty if what Hazrat Pir Saab said was true and to there shock they confirmed he is correct. I spoke to him further and told him what had happened and how we tried our local imam and few other peers but this Jinn doesn’t go. Hazrat Pir Saab said to us to pass the phone to the girl, as soon as we passed the phone to our cousin, Hazrat Pir Saab started to read that caused pain to the girl for about 30 seconds and then she was at ease, we could feel the house and room temperature change as it was cold before but it changed to normal room temperature.

Hazrat Pir Saab advised us to bring the girl over to there place in Birmingham. We agreed and took our cousin there the next day, during our travel our cousin was very quite, however reaching within 15 miles of Birmingham the face expression of our cousin changed and we could feel that the evil spirit had come back. My cousin started to scream and come and started to shout that she wants to go to the toilet now!. We denied her request and she went crazier. However we were now inside Birmingham and my uncle who was driving the car goes that the car is struggling, very much, to even move. We called Hazrat Pir Saab he said don’t stop just carry on driving as however, we struggled but finally reached there.

When we reached there, our cousin would not come out of the car (7 seater), it took 5 grown men to pull her out of the car and her inside the Mosque. When we went inside the room where Hazrat Pir Saab was sitting, our cousin who at this time was screaming loudly and pointing her fingers at Hazrat Pir Saab wanted to attack the pir saab. Hazrat Pir Saab was calm and had no fear in his eyes what so ever.

After a few minutes in the room Hazrat Pir Saab started to communicate with the spirit inside her and the spirit inside her demanded that everyone leave the room and only the girl, and the evil spirit and her mother stay in the room. We all agreed, the jin inside my cousin spoke all about who had done the black magic on her and for what purpose. Hazrat Pir Saab finally got hold of the Jinn and demanded that he leave the girl. For that time he left and Hazrat Pir Saab gave my cousin taweez to wear that will protect her from this evil spirit.

For the next few days things were calm but then the Jinn had returned again and was more violent. We spoke Hazrat Pir Saab again and to his shock he couldn’t believe that he had returned and demanded us to bring her over the next day. We agreed and returned, this time the Jinn again confessed that the family of our back home and re-done the black magic for him to come back to the house.

Hazrat Pir Saab at this stage gave my aunty about 7 taweez that she needed to burn in the garden and flush down the toilet to get rid of the evil spirit. Also Hazrat Pir Saab wanted that our girl cousin not to attend big gatherings and that the family treat her normal and feed her milk and honey mixed with taweez water every day for 22 days. We done exactly what Hazrat Pir Saab said and Alhamdullilah our cousin has returned back to normal and back to her job.

Sometime our cousin does feel that the Jinn is trying to get back inside her and she acts very violent but it only lasts about a minute and soon Hazrat Pir Saab gets a signal and he reads something and the Jinn leaves. For a long time nothing has happened and the family is back to normal.

My wife and her Hand Rash

After seeing all this I also decided to take my wife to Hazrat Pir Saab as she had very severe rash on her hand that caused her so much pain and would stop her from doing anything. When we went to Hazrat Pir Saab he put The Holy Quran on top of my wife’s head and read something, at this stage my wife’s hands went extremely hot and the pain had gone and my wife was able to close and open her hand as normal after very long time.

Hazrat Pir Saab advised her to drink fruit, with milk and honey and gave her taweez to wear. Alhumdullilah her rash is much better now and it could have completely gone only If my wife had followed the advice of Hazrat Pir Saab completely as she still washes dishes without gloves and the fairy causes reaction.

My aunty with her Stomach cancer

My aunty from London, who was MAshallah very healthy and always had a sweet smile on her face, recently had been very ill and regularly visiting the hospital for check ups due to her severe pains in stomach. The doctors had said that they will need to check her blood and send them to the lab to determine what exactly the problem is. After few weeks the results came and she was told by the doctors that she has a Cancer that is affecting her stomach. The doctors advised that it is in intermediate stage and taking medicines will just help release pain but won’t cure the cancer.

Being really upset while being in a family of 3 sons and her Hushband who are Wahabis & do not believe in Sufism or Peers, I luckily got in touch with her but when i looked at her face and health I was shocked. I asked her what had happened and she told me exactly what I have written above. I told her that I recommend her to go to Pir Saab. She said she believes in Pir but due to her Wahabi sons and husband it was very difficult. I told her as a test call the Hazrat Pir Saab when you have pain and ask him to Bless you. After Maghrib the same day her pain had started to kick in, as advised by me, she decided to call the Pir from her room. When she spoke to Pir Saab, Hazrat Pir Saab had told her what doctors said and said don’t worry I will bless you now but come to me and I will give you taweez and advise you what to eat and drink. At that time Hazrat Pir Saab blessed her and her pain had gone away. Experiencing the blessing over the phone my aunty was sure that this Hazrat Pir Saab was not money maker and he had the ability to solve her problem. She spoke to her mum and her brother and made a plan to go to Birmingham. She told her husband that she is going with her family to do shopping. She visited Hazrat Pir Saab and Hazrat Pir Saab gave her taweez and told her to drink honey, milk & pomegranate milkshake every morning and drink the water that has his taweez in it. Hazrat Pir Saab advised that do this for 7 days and your pain will go away. After one week my aunty was still receiving severe pain and called Hazrat Pir Saab and said that the pain has not gone away. Hazrat Pir Saab was shocked at this and asked her that if she has been drinking the water every morning and drinking that milkshake every morning, my aunty first lied and said yes, Hazrat Pir Saab said to her that my workout tells me that you did not drink my taweez water as required and you didn’t follow the instructions properly. After few minutes she told Hazrat Pir Saab that he is correct and she has made a mistake. He told her that no point lying to him as he can easily find out what she has been doing, he told her that she is like his daughter and she should listen to him. She promised to follow his advice and drink as instructed. After 10 days she called Hazrat Pir Saab and told him that the doctors have said that my stomach cancer problem is curing itself and my pain is way less then before and she feels much better.

My aunty suffers from some chest pain sometimes and whenever she is in pain she contacts Hazrat Pir Saab who does blessing on her and she feels better, Hazrat Pir Saab has told her that she needs to visit him again and he will give her some medicine and taweez for her chest problem and InshALLAH she will be ok after that. Due to my aunty having Wahabi sons and Husband, she has not been able to visit Pir Saab, but Alhamdullilah her stomach problem is 90% better and doctors don’t understand how.

My wife’s aunty with Black magic

My wives aunty suffers from very odd pattern of pains. She sometime has pain in her knees and suddenly it goes up to her neck and then suddenly down to her back. The pattern is very odd but very painful. My aunty has been to many Pirs and 2 of the Pirs have even ended up dieing short time after as the magic done on my aunty was of such level that a common Pir cannot handle the spirit.

However after hearing that my wives hands are gone better and how our close family friend’s daughter was cured from possession, she asked me for the Hazrat Pir saab’s number. She called Hazrat Pir Saab and Hazrat Pir Saab advised her that she should visit him as the spirit with her body cannot be dealt with over the phone. As advised she visited Hazrat Pir Saab with her hushband who harldy believes in these things.

First of all when they went to Pir Saabs room, Hazrat Pir Saab straight looked at my auntie’s husband and said” why are you here? You don’t believe in me do you?” With a smile my uncle replied “yes I do not believe in you but I am here for the sake of my wife”. Hazrat Pir Saab then asked him that “ what is the reason you don’t belive in pirs?” my uncle replied “I don’t believe there is such a thing as ghost or magic or jinns?” Hazrat Pir Saab then said okay get forget everything; put both of your hands on the table in front of you. As my uncle had both of his hands on the tables, Hazrat Pir Saab asked do you feel any thing? My uncle replied “ No”. At this point Hazrat Pir Saab pointed his fingers at the table and blew at it, and my uncles face expression changed like he has just seen a ghost. Hazrat Pir Saab asked “ what happened?” my uncle replied “ Hazrat Pir Saab I can feel ALLAH HU ALLAH HU dhikr being done from the table and it is shaking”. Hazrat Pir Saab asked is this enough to make you believe that Jinns and Pirs are true. My uncle agreed that he was wrong, as my uncle has a habit of seeing solid proof before he believes and this was enough for him.

Anyway now it was my aunt’s turn, who at this stage was acting very weird (she never acted like that before), it felt like something was troubling her and telling her to leave the room ASAP. Hazrat Pir Saab looked at her and said stay, sit and don’t move. Pir Saabs Khalifa was sitting next to him and he told his Khalifa to do the blessing, the Khalifa started to read and pointed his fingers at my aunty. My aunty at this stage had tears in her eyes and was in severe pain, the Khalifa tried to sort her pain out for 15minutes but gave up as the spirit on her wasn’t letting her go of the pain. Hazrat Pir Saab told him that he can sit down and he will try, Hazrat Pir Saab asked my aunty that if she believes in him as his father she replied” Yes I do”, Hazrat Pir Saab then said that you are now my daughters and I will now place one of my foot on your foot to feel the connection with the spirit. As soon as Hazrat Pir Saab put his foot on my aunt’s foot my aunty screamed something had just stabbed her, Hazrat Pir Saab was holding a Quran in his hand and he placed this over her head and was reading some verses. Seeing my aunt in pain, was awful to see and her body was being twisted as someone is twisting a towel, after 5 minutes she just fell on the floor, and Hazrat Pir Saab at this stage was sweating and asked her how does she feel. She replied that it feels that someone has just pulled of a heavy load of her body. He told her that this is the toughest Black Magic he has ever broken and it is understandable why two previous juniors Pirs had died as the black magic is to strong and even Pir Saabs Khalifa struggled to take it out.

However my aunty is now much better and whenever she feels any pain or any problems with her body she calls Hazrat Pir Saab and he blesses her through the phone and immediately she is better. My aunties whole family are now mureeds of Hazrat Pir Saab and they fully trust in him. However my whole family is in close contact with Pir saab, if we ever have headache or pain in leg, we regularly contact Pir Baba and within few minutes Hazrat Pir Saab reads some dua and the pain goes away.

I recommend to all brothers and sisters out there to visit Hazrat Pir Saab with any difficulties you are facing and INSHALLAH Hazrat Pir Saab will help you.

Please remember asking Pirs or Saint for help is not shirk, as Allah always send Wasila for his Ummat. Like he sent Rasool Paak saw as Wasila for us people o follow the true religion. ALLAH has also sent these Walis/Saint/Pirs to help his Rasool saw’s Ummati’s (Nation/followers).

Please remember black magic is true and to break black magic / jado tona, one has to be blessed and have ilms (knowledge) of the Holy Quran/Hadeeth and Shifa to break such dirty practices. The pirs/saints are wasila for us sent to us from ALLAH.

Everything that is given to us is from ALLAH, these Pirs/Saints are just a means of getting them from ALLAH, as Wasila that is hugely rejected by the faith of Wahabis.

Hazrat Pir Saab zindabaad
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