Conceived a Child After 4 Years


My name is Mr. Shah & this is about my cousin sister in India who had been married for over 4 years however she was unable to conceive a child. I spoke to Peer Saab about it who advised that Inshallah he will be able to help her through Allah’s assistance. She had only to call him and he will cure her over the phone itself. Peer Saab offered her a 40 day treatment over the phone itself which she followed accordingly. She did become pregnant after this 40 day treatment was over, however unfortunately she had a miscarriage (It was the will of Allah). I informed this to Peer Saab who advised of a 7 day further treatment and to have faith in Allah. Alhamdulillah she became pregnant again and gave birth to a healthy boy around 2 weeks ago. Alhamdulillah this was another karaamat of Peer Saab which we witnessed.

May Allah bless Peer Saab for his services for the ummah.