Real Experience of The Crisis and World Shaking Disease

Salaam Walaikum,

Welcome to my story and real experience of the crisis and world shaking disease. Covid-19 has taken over us and the world widely, it came to me as me just not feeling well as the outbreak wasn’t as national as now seen. I suffered pain in my chest, high temperature (fever like) and just generally not feeling well. I have Baath with Hazarat Saab since 2014.

The one day I had generally thought to ring them as this outbreak had only started to go viral they said to me over the phone the exact symptoms I was feeling. They did Dam (read a holy scripture) on me this started to make me feel better I was told to follow the following of taking the Kalonji oil (black seed oil) teaspoon in the morning with warm water and a teaspoon in the afternoon.

This started to Alhamdulillah take effect they told me to continue with consuming minimum of 1 teaspoon of oil a day with warm water for the next 4 days and also told me to have a day of a bowl of diced red onion with lemon juice on top with mint sauce on top. They had said this would relieve my symptoms relating to my chest (lungs). They also gave us great advice of keeping our body temperature warm enough and having hot foods (i.e. any types of nuts almonds, cashews in warm milk) and drinks over this period for the immune system to fight back and the disease to follow down through the lungs and clear.

Alhamdulillah taking their advice to accordance I followed and Alhamdulillah feel in great health. As time (2 weeks later)going on my sister had suffered with similar symptoms as she is a healthcare nurse she started to have pain and cold type symptoms feeling shivering and a cough had developed. Hazarat Saab then again helped us with curing my sister with their great help. We followed the same Ilaj (treatment) from them and Allhumdulliah we are good. My brother had also suffered due to having a weak immune system physically he was very weak and sick. The media and news do not help this was stressing us a lot as he stopped going out altogether to have that one walk exercise a day and just complained of not being well in bed all the time, with Hazarat Saab treatment he felt a lot better and started to look and fell more stable. This also lead on to being the case with my Mum catching it and being ill with lung pain, high temperature a persistent cough and lethargic body pain that over a week Hazarat Saab was called and did treatment over the phone also told my mom to take the Kalonji oil with boiled type water three times a day . Allhumdulliah this brought down her temperature and symptoms well they also said to use Vicks Vapour Rub to over any body parts to relieve the pain.

Thank you for reading my story and I pray for everyone to keep safe and healthy and to all that have lost loved ones a sincere condolences goes out to you all also please take any treatment from the source that is offering you if you are reading this and follow Hazarat Saab take note and advice from them and inshallah you will be cured keep faith in the best our planners we will get through this also everything they tell you take or follow it is natural and good for you in all health.

We need to remember the Wallah is a friend to Allah and if in this time of aid no medicine or doctor can medicate to safe lives then we can only turn to the health and advice of our creator they are there and here for us we need to trust and show believe the power of Allah is higher and they have given Hazarat Saab the vision to heal. Ameen

Yours faithfully
Sister from Birmingham