Depression and Black Magic

Salaam Brothers and Sisters,

I’m telling you my own story. It’s been long time ago; I had been suffering from depression and illnesses. I was having treatment by my GP who had diagnosed me to be suffering from medium depression, couldn’t sleep, restless and he had prescribed tablets which I’ve been taking them on a regular basis. I was taking too many tablets.

I also happened to go to see a Molvi, who did herbal medicine. I was taking those medications as well. I searched for a cure through loads of Peers and Molvi’s but nothing happened. I was still at the same stage. Spent thousands and thousands looking for a cure but it all went to a waste.

In my family, we used to shout, argue and fight each other all the time. There wasn’t a time and a place when there had been peace in my house. I was so fed up of everything, what was happening around me.

In that time someone who I knew told me about Shaykh Banaras Owaisi and gave me their address and phone number. I phoned them, to arrange a time to meet them. On my first visit with them, Peer Saab started to mention that it’s been a long time that I couldn’t sleep during the night, I got black magic done on me and my family members and that I am also suffering from medium depression. I was astonished how Peer Saab knew all this without asking me first. Not like other Peers and Molvi’s who ask loads of questions about the problems. Initial treatment started when I was given few taweez to burn, drink and wear round my neck. I would say Masa’Allah my health, day by day started to improve gradually. My family problems slowly, slowly started to disappear and now they are much better with loads of peace, love and joy. My life is going very smooth and it’s all because of Peer Saab graciousness.

They helped me and today I pray to Allah (swt) for Shaykh health and long life. I didn’t believe in miracles but Subhaan- Allah, the Wali of Allah can perform miracles with the will of Allah (swt). If you or anyone you know who is suffering from this illness, please don’t hesitate to call on Shaykh Banaras Owaisi. I would advise people to come to Peer Saab and believe whole heartedly.

Thank you for reading my story.