Low Health, Heavy and Painful Walking, Felt Drunk All the Time

I would like to express my thanks whole heartedly to the editor and Shaykh Banaras Owaisi Shaykh.

When I got married in Pakistan and there I was told at the time that I will have too many enemies but they will not be able to harm you by Gods will. I took no notice at all at that time.

I returned to England and found that I was losing money in the business and having all kinds of problems and even then I took no notice. I was told by my Mulan who used to teach us as a family about Islam.

Then I began to feel tired, restless and at times I could not express myself to others. I began to lose interest in my business, health was low, friends became enemies. I was kind to people but in return they were not kind to me and this went on for 20 years. I began to question this with my parents and they too seem to be under pressure. I took a visit to Gloucester and an Alam who has passed away told me to bring photos of all who you suspect and he put his finger on the persons involved the woman. I cannot mention her name and then I went to Manchester, there something happened. This time it was a lady. She put her finger on the same lady’s photo. We were confident that all this is because of Black Magic.

Time passed by and I could not walk as if my shoes are 15 kilos heavy and always in pain and driving was difficult as if I was drunken person. My doctor kept giving me medicine upon medicine but nothing changed.

Then I went to India, there I became so sick I could not step on the aircraft as if the plane was going to fall from the skies. I closed my eyes and sat in the plane.

I returned back to England not knowing that all this is because of Black Magic. I never had alcohol in my life but I felt I was drunk all the time. By now I knew that lady was after my life but I had no guts to tell her, by now my health was deteriorating. I by Gods will found a boy from Ravelpundi who showed me his picture and told me his story and told me he had same symptoms , then I begged him to give me the contact address in Pakistan which he gave me.

I went to Pakistan and met this old lady told me that 13 times Black Magic has been done to me from Pakistan. I got better and came back. I couldn’t eat properly, I used to attend the hospital and the results used to be ok. I started an Amal myself without permission of a pious Amal and found one myself that someone is choking me. I read Dawood Shazeer and abandoned the Amal and just used to read different Duas.

I started to feel better until one day Ramadan I met Shaykh and saked him about Amal and he told me to wait for 5 minutes. I had no intention of visiting this Amal..

All this happened by Gods will and Shaykh Banaras Owaisi cured me the same day and I brought my mother who is at old age and could not get up the stairs. Shaykh Banaras Owaisi did reading on her and told her to go up the stairs. By Gods will she did and she was told by Shaykh Banaras Owaisi that she too had Black Magic on her 14 years ago.

I was thankful to God Almighty and Shaykh Banaras Owaisi and may Allah give him a long life. He did not demand any money like the Amals and others from Pakistan who charge up to £500 to £1000 with no results. If anyone would wish to talk to me they can do so through this editor s permission.