Heart Problem

Salaam Brothers and Sisters,

My story begins like this, one day, all of sudden I had this attack in my chest with massive pain, I thought nothing of it first but then as the day carried on, my chest started hurting me more and more. I ended up in the hospital, they diagnosed me with a cardio heart problem and put me on a drip and calmed me down. I started to feel better. After a few days from the hospital, I came home and everything started to become normal but the chest pain was still there but not so much. The hospital had given me the medication to ease the pain for the heart problem. The pain would gradually start to increase and decrease during the night time & It was very uncomfortable to sleep: tossing, turning, even sitting up on the bed as I couldn’t sleep with this dull pain. During, the day time, I was even worse as I would faint for 5 to 6 hours due to the pain. I was in a terrible state, lack of sleep, couldn’t eat anything and was always in constant pain. I was really helpless and didn’t know what to do. My GP was trying his best to find out where the root of the problem lies and gave me more medications on top. I was really sick of taking medications but I had no choice but to take them to ease my heart pain.

I was too sad and depressed when my relative spoke to me about Peer Saab. I asked them, can you please; give me the address of Peer Saab as I will try him out as I have nothing to lose. On my first visit to Shaykh Banaras Owaisi, as I entered his house, Peer Saab got up and greeted me with a smile and shook my hand. It was a relief and felt really good in meeting Peer Saab for the first time.

Peer Saab said, “You have a black magic done on you”. Masa’Allah, Peer Saab started to do his spiritual healing on me and I started feeling the pain easing up slowly. By the time, he finished praying from the Quran and blew on me, the pain stopped completely. The black magic was removed and I felt better within myself. I came back to see Peer Saab in the next six (6) months and I can say that I am a new person.

I have started to go back to work and whenever I need or have a problem, I can always rely on Peer Saab, where he always greets me on the phone or when paying him a visit with happiness and a smile. There hasn’t been anytime, when he would say I don’t have time for you or make an appointment, like other Peers or saints do. Don’t miss this opportunity!!

Jazakala allah Khair.