Evil of Wickedness (Black Magic or Sihr)

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

This is my story of my family, who has been ill, sad, depressed, arguments and many other problems. I and my wife have been troubled with our relationship and we have been arguing over nothing. The more we argued, the more I wanted to leave her as I couldn’t understand why my wife was always arguing with me. When we both went out to see our family members or friends we were good as gold. No arguments or abuse towards each other.

As soon as we stepped into our house, all hell broke loose, arguments, abuse, sadness, and list of things would happen between us. We could hear scary noises from the windows, stairs, and back room, almost everywhere in the house we could hear loud scary noises or sometimes someone walking in the hallway or up the stairs.

I couldn’t bear it any longer and was seeking for a solution. One day I went to a friend’s shop. There on the counter, I saw a weekly newspaper of Jang. I saw Peer Saab picture on it and I felt in my heart, that this is the one person who can help me. I decided to go with my heart feeling and spoke to my wife about it. We both decided that it is best we go and seek help from this Peer Saab.

Next morning, we both went to see Shaykh Banaras Owaisi. As soon as we stepped in the house, I could sense the purity and felt that this was the right place. We both stepped in the room and Peer Saab got up and smiled, shook my hand and placed his hand on my wife’s head (showing respect as a sister or a daughter). We didn’t say anything to Peer Saab about what is happening to us. Peer Saab told us everything from when it started to the end. We both were quite shocked and astonished how this Peer Saab cans know about us.

Peer Saab said it was black magic done on us, when we got married and the noises were Jinnat in the house which were doing all this evil things to them both. Peer Saab gave some taweez to burn and taweez to wear around our neck. After a month, I can say everything disappeared and no noises. We can’t be more then thankful to Peer Saab, who has helped us out and saved my marriage. I and my wife are now living happily. If anyone who is reading my story, you feel you are going through this same phase. Please get in touch with this Peer Saab; I promise you, you will not regret it. A small donation is all that Peer Saab asks for. You have to remember Peer Saab has given me and my wife our life back. Jazakala’ Allah Khair.

Thank you for reading my story!!