Ear Glue for 16 Years

It started when I was 14 years old when I began suffering severe headaches and stared losing my hearing so I consulted my GP who examined my ear and said it was glue ear and grommets had to be inserted. So I was referred to Birmingham City Hospital where I was admitted to have a small operation for the second time but unfortunately the grommets had come out again so I was admitted for the third time to fit them in again but they still came out. Then my specialist said it was no point inserting the grommets in again. So I was told to have a major operation on my ear which could leave me partially disabled but if I didn’t go ahead with it later on in life it would affect me in some kind of way so I went ahead with the operation. It took me about a year to recover. The discharge in my ear started to get worse it also had a really bad smell that was so strong it could be smelt by people around me. I had lost my appetite I had a burning sensation around my ear and face and I was very severely depressed, I couldn’t sit between people and have a conversation with them. I also could hear these clicking noises within me and buzzing noises and my own heartbeat within. I was also given antibiotics to take and spray’s to put in my ear, at this point there was no hope left.

After 10 years I was introduced to a spiritual healer Shaykh Banaras Owaisi and I thought I had nothing to lose so I went to see him. Shaykh Banaras Owaisi read religious chants on me and blew and also gave me some papers with religious script on them to burn in a certain way after visiting him on a weekly basis. My burning sensation in my ears and face had started to decrease. I made regular visits in the meantime. 5 weeks later I went to City Hospital to see my specialist and she was amazed and could not believe that I was not taking any medication. The results had been the best ever since I had the illness in the last 16 years. The results showed the infection around my ears had dried out and there was no burning sensation and no sound within. I am complete of medication and feel normal, I can sleep better, eat better and communicate with others much better and with more confidence.

There is no doubt that Shaykh Banaras Owaisi has a gift, he can cure most likely any illness so I would recommend anybody with any kind of illness to see him.

p.s there are lots of cases brought forward everyday which receive 100% satisfaction from him.