I Am a Professional Broadcaster, So Naturally If Anyone Needs Convincing About Shaykhs and Fakirs It Would Be Me

I am a professional broadcaster. So naturally if anyone needs convincing about Shaykhs and Fakirs it would me. I have always known about Shaykhs and Fakirs according to the Quran and Hadith from a young age, but growing up over the years have become sceptical due to various individuals ( without mentioning any names ), who claim to do all kinds of great deeds and shifah but really are easy to see through. They don’t really have any shifah at all.

This is why when Shaykh Banaras Owaisi crossed my path, naturally I raised an eyebrow but was half convinced because he had touched on various things about my life which no other individual could do, so I was looking forward to meeting him.

Over the years I have been well known for my radio show, and had stopped any form of Islamic practice since the age of 14.

I had the memorised the Quran (16 sparah’s) at that age but for some mysterious reason had stopped all Islamic studies. My age now was 32 and well known in the music industry, but during all this time I had never took alcohol , smoked or did drugs. Maybe all that Islamic study had played a big part in my life.

So when I finally met Shaykh Banaras Owaisi I felt humbled and he asked me a few basic questions. “why don’t you read namaz”? I replied I really do want to but I just can’t get around to it. He then , whilst sitting directly infront of me, looked straight into my eyes and said, “are you sure you want to think hard about it”. I thought to myself, what’s there to think about, of ourse every real Muslim wants to pray. He asked me this question 3 times and then asked if I would put a Taveez around my neck as I had never in my life trusted any Shaykh or wore one before.

I naturally replied yes, as in the back of my mind I was thinking we’ll see. He then blew on my 3 times and told me to put the Taveez around my neck. I am now 34 years old and since that day and today I haven’t been without Wudu or missed a single Salah, “Alhamdulilah”.

I sometimes sit alone and think to myself, “we’ll see”, but this thought has just gone to the back of my mind and I have continued praying without any difficulties. I can only tell what I have personally witnessed, but over a two year period have seen Shaykh Banaras Owaisi resolve so many problems for people of all religions and cultures.

Shaykh in Mecca

There are so many incidents that I could tell you about but on this occasion I shall tell you about one that really frightened me.

It was 6.30am in Haru Sharif after Fajr namaz, me and Shaykh were on our way out as we came across an old man sitting down, leaning against a pillar and looking very ill. Shaykh naturally asked him what was wrong and the man told him that he could not stand up and was here because the Saudi government was paying for his medical bills. Shaykh asked if he could try and help him and the man said that he is sitting facing the Kaabah and he feels that Allah had sent Shaykh to help him. Shaykh did what he had to do and after about 5 minutes told the old man to remember Allah and try and stand up. By this time a lot of people had gathered around us and naturally my heart was beating fast. What if the old didn’t get up?

What if nothing happened? I was petrified. But Allah is great, the old man stood up and was so pleased and praised Shaykh. After a couple of days we asked the old man of his condition and he said he was fully cured and had stopped all his medical and was getting ready to go home.

Shaykh on Mount Saur

We started the journey up Mount Saur in the morning at 8am. As we went up, people were asking questions about Shaykh, “who is he, where is he from”? On the way back down almost all the people who had met Shaykh going up had a change of heart and were now waiting for him with their various problems. Shaykh by the grace of Allah cured all of them and one individual who owned a rest place half way up Mount Saur was so impressed that he became BAIT from Shaykh.

Shaykh in Madina

Towards the end of our Umrah, Shaykh became widely acknowledged in Masjid Nabwi. It became a regular feature after Namaz that people would come over and meet Shaykh happily of their own accord. It got to the stage where people started taking Shaykh’s photos with their kids for memrobilia. Shaykh also cured a number of people in Madina and in a certain bazaar had a very popular following. Shop traders and general public had become mureed and were amazed at the instant Shifah which they gained