From One Day Having Household Problems, Stroke and Going To Other Healers To Another Day Going To Shaykh Banaras For The True Healing

Salaam Brothers and Sisters

We were introduced to Peer Saab roughly around three years ago through friends who told us about him. At first when my mum told me about another healer (Peer Saab), I thought here we go again. I was really fed up by going to different healers but never getting any result.

At first we went to Peer Saab because of family problems, my mum and dad were always fighting over relatives and I cannot even describe how bad things were in our household. We went to Peer Saab, to solve our problems. After some thought we decided there was no harm in trying for the last time. Peer Saab told us about all the problems we were having and we didn’t say anything to him, at first I got scared and thought how he knows this about me and my family. Peer Saab mentioned about my mum who was very ill and my dad was constantly fighting. There was black magic done on the household.

Anyway after going to Peer Saab for a while we got blurred into seeing other spiritual healers, one just came up to us in the street and took money from us and we were to never see him again. Another healer we rang just to give us something to read.

When I got stroke, I went to my GP. The doctor mentioned that you will suffer from side affects when taking medications. I used to take 52 tablets per day, everyday since the stroke. I got very scared for taking 52 tablets everyday. Just imagine what else can go wrong in my body by taking these tablets. Driving is my life and imagines not driving a car and that became impossible for me.

We didn’t go back to Peer Saab until I had a stroke. Driving to Peer Saab, my left side of the body was numb and crippled and was very difficult to drive. I was in terrible pain. As I walked in to Peer Saab’s place, I felt peace and as soon as I saw Peer Saab I started crying. My face dropped on one side and I had no feeling in one side of my body. My body was cold.

Upon seeing Peer Saab, He immediately knew that we had visited other healers and told us that the only reason he was going to help us was because I was ill. Peer Saab prayed and blew on me and my pain started to ease off. My body which was cold from one side and started to warm up as Peer Saab prayed. My face was numb and was tilted. I couldn’t feel half of my face. It’s like going to the dentist who will inject anesthetic in your mouth who takes away sensation. My numbness started to disappear. I could feel tingling on my face and as I could start to feel my face again. The sensation on my face and body was like a miracle had taken place.

After 2-3 weeks of visiting Peer Saab he healed my stroke and my face went back to normal.

I had two other problems, one was been overweight and the other was the period cycle. The period cycle was messed up due to black magic. I suffered from stomach pains, back aches and dizziness. Peer Saab gave me a taweez to drink and told me what foods to avoid and what to eat to help with the period cycle.

The other problem was the overweight which Peer Saab recommended to join the gym. I joined the gym and I can see the difference as my weight has started to drop. Masa’Allah, I can say, I did exactly what Peer Saab said. I am very happy with myself and there is no sign of stroke showing on my face. I am now a healthy person with no problems at all. I am totally cured and free from all ill health.

My family, mum and dad are all cured by seeing Peer Saab and are now much better off then before.

During this time, I also saw Peer Saab in a dream and also witnessed Allah Name on his forehead.

Finally, I cannot thank Peer Saab enough. I would like to finish my story by thanking Allah (swt), that Allah has chosen this person, Peer Saab. May Allah further Bless Peer Saab in every way and give him long life. Ameen-Summa-Ameen

I would advise people to come to Peer Saab and believe whole heartedly.

Thank you for reading my story.