Healing and Guiding People In Kosovo

Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem,

On the 17th November 2012 Hazrat Al-haj Shaykh Banaras Owaisi was invited to Kosovo.

Arben Tafa had made contact regarding his brother who suddenly changed and went deep into spiritually. He wasn’t a mureed of any Shaykh and decided to go and do seclusion (chilla) which he did for 3 days and nights in a mountain close to the village. During the last day of his seclusion he entered another dimension where all the unseen creatures (Jinn) became visible to him and he got scared failing the seclusion. The consequence of this was that he had lost his mental state of mind, stopped sleeping and entered the state of depression.

Arben Tafa made contact with Hazrat Ghulam Suleiman Taunsvi R.A regarding his brother, Hazrat Ghulam Suleiman Taunsvi R.A sent one of his representatives to Kosovo to aid them with help to remove the effects of the unseen creatures (Jinn). The representative spent 41 days doing recitations from the Quran to help cure Arben’s brother. He managed to make some effect on him and was slowly getting better. After a year it all reoccurred again the patient started cursing, seeing the creatures and stopped. When making contact again in Pakistan Hazrat Ghulam Suleiman Taunsvi r.a had passed away. This made Arben Tafa go into depression as he had paid for all the costs and expected them to provide help for his brother.

While searching online he came across the Naqshbandi Haqqani website and immediately made contact. He was guided to make contact with Shaykh Hisham Kabbani who told him that his brother was spiritually backed by holy man. He ended up taking his brother to Cyprus to visit Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Adil Al Haqqani. They managed to see Mawlana Nazim and they made dua for his brother and also said he is a very good person and must wait for help. Eventually Arben Tafa managed to come across Hazrat Shaykh Banaras Owaisi and upon seeing his picture Arben Tafa was convinced that he would be able to help.

I arrived with Hazrat Shaykh Banaras Owaisi to Pristina in Kosovo, where we were greeted by Arben Tafa. Shortly after arriving we arrived at his apartment where his brother was staying. We met with the family briefly and the Shaykh started the spiritual healing using quranic verses. The family was shocked and amazed how the pains where relieved so quickly. This was a totally astonishing experience for them.

The next morning we received good news that Arben’s brother slept all night and morning, plus he saw a dream with Shaykh. We left and headed towards Arben’s aunty and uncle home where we had people who heard about the Shaykh and wanted to get shifa (cure) from the Shaykh.

One father brought along a 14 year old daughter, who wasn’t fully developed mentally and she had jinn present with her. I was instructed to make hisar around her and then the Shaykh did the recitation and the jinn was removed Alhamdulillah. People continued coming with all sorts of problems and with Allah’tala’s mercy and Prophet Muhammad Waseela the Shaykh was able to help the people.

We went to the local mosque during Zhur namaz where we were greeted by many people and the imam of the mosque. There was one individual who tried to leave the mosque but he said his body and mind would not let him and felt an urge to meet the Shaykh; he invited the Shaykh and me to come to his home and said they had a lot of family problems. The family was really poor and Shaykh went and helped them. The guy who invited us said he had seen the Shaykh one night before in his dream.

We decided to go to Pristina where the Shaykh had told us that he wanted to meet three saints and that their maqam (graves) were located at a river. After asking around we were guided and told that there is a river running through the old city opposite the Turkish mosque.

Upon arriving there we entered the Maqam and were visited by the local caretaker. He gave us background information about the Saints and that they belong to the Halveti Tariqa (Khalwati Sufi Order).

We made dua and started zikr inside the maqam. Then all of a sudden spiritually the room was filled with Noor and the Saints were spiritually present doing zikr of Allah Hu. After this occurred they greeted the Shaykh and presented them with a Garlands. The dua was made by the Saints and blessings where given to our Shaykh. What I found disturbing was that in the Maqam area, there was a lot of smoked cigarettes and other haram activities. The Shaykh told the caretaker to make sure that people don’t smoke or do any haram activities here and requested the caretaker to make contact with the Saint in charge of the maqam. Shaykh Banaras Owaisi made spiritual rabita (connection) and the Shaykh who was currently running the Tariqa, told us to tell the caretaker to ring him. After some time we read prayer and the caretaker disappeared and neither did the Shaykh turn up.

We went back to Ferizaj where we were staying. Arben’s aunty spoke to us and told the Shaykh about a dream she had 21 years ago while living in Germany. She said she was running up towards a hill and there was fire ahead and she was stuck. Then she saw Shaykh Banaras Owaisi in white clothes and he came and saved her from the fire and told her to go outside her door and water the flowers on the other side.

The Shaykh told her that the dream she saw meant she was heading towards hell and they by the will of Allah ta’ala saved her and that watering flowers or seeing flowers represent the heaven. During our time there we helped many people and also taught them about Islam. Kosovo has been under communist rule for 50 years and the Muslims have lost their past roots and there is desperate need to spread the true knowledge of Islam.

Shaykh Banaras Owaisi gave dawah (invitation) about Islam and taught them the 5 pillars of Islam and how they should eat halal, try praying their daily prayers, stay away from haram and love the Holy Prophet .

Many people developed fear and started crying as they realised the sins they had been committing.

There was one time where a young boy named Mubarak wanted to know why the Shaykh had the cane. The Shaykh told him to hold the cane and ask it to do zikr. He held the cane and it started moving left to right doing zikr of Allah Hu. He asked where the water is and the cane took him and directed him where water was. His sister Zeinah asked where gold was and it took her straight upstairs in the house into her mother’s room. This goes to show that anything a Auliya (friend of Allah SWT) has touched or owns becomes blessed. Another time everyone was drinking tea and the Shaykh told them to think of a fruit. When they thought of a fruit the drink changed to that exact taste.

During the time in Kosovo (2 days) Alhamdulillah 50 people took bayt (oath of allegiance) on the hand of Shaykh Banaras Owaisi, into the Owaisi Tariqa, to bring them closer to Allah ta’ala and the Prophet Muhammad .

A week later arriving back I was called by Arben who became a Khalifa (deputy) of the Shaykh, he told me his brother is feeling much better and that he has stopped seeing the unseen creatures. He is constantly seeing the Shaykh around him 24/7. The family we stayed with was a blessed family tracing their bloodline back to The Ottomans. They had one big Saint in their ancestry who had come 135 years ago and was trying to spiritually guide and help them. He spiritually thanked Shaykh Banaras Owaisi for coming and helping his family and the others there in Kosovo that required help.

The times I spent with the Shaykh I realised what a blessing of Allah SWT he is, I feel honoured to be his mureed. I pray to Allah to give my Shaykh a long prosperous life.

O seeker of truth! Allah SWT gives light of faith through the hands of the Righteous.