Spiritual Experiences With Shaykh Banaras In Cyprus

Hala Sultan Tekke

Bismillah Ar Rahman Nir Raheem,

On the 17th October I had arrived with Hazrat Shaykh Banaras Owaisi to Larnaca in Cyprus. We headed towards Hala Sultan Tekke where Hazrat Saab had to meet her and pay his respects.

We arrived at Hala Sultan Tekke which was a short drive, upon arriving Hazrat Saab placed one prayer mat, Quran and sprayed attar on the Maqam of Hala Sultan Tekke. Then they started making 2 rakat nafl prayers, dua etc.

It was such a beautiful place and so peaceful that it feels like being in Mecca or Medina.

Later on we stood outside the mosque and Hazrat Saab said; read Bismillaah Sharif and blow on yourself and close your eyes. I, Awais and Suhail closed our eyes then we could see Hala Sultan she was dressed in white clothes and white hijab. She came over and greeted us all then she placed flower garments around our necks. After this we saw the whole mosque become full of Auliya and then Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani R.A with 4 Caliphs entered the mosque. Then looking outside towards the water we saw Prophet Muhammad arrive on the Buraq. Then they came over and Hazrat Saab greeted them and they kissed their forehead and Hazrat Saab kissed their hands. Later on they were given a gift from the Prophet Muhammad which looked like a sword. After this all occurred Hazrat Saab gained a lot of blessings and more shifa regarding Cancer.

The Seven Sahaba

22nd October 2012

We Arrived at Hazrat Umar Turbesi Maqam also known as the Seven Sahaba. It’s based in Girne North Cyprus right near the beach.

We entered the Maqam and paid our respects inside, after this we prayed 2 rakat nafl during this Hazrat Saab Said; His soul had left his body and he was greeted by the seven Sahaba. They were very happy to meet Hazrat Saab. During this they told Hazrat that we will testify that you came to visit us in Qayamat and also got Hazrat Saab to spiritually sign a paper to keep as an agreement that they visited. Soon after this had happened Hazrat Saab went straight to Medina Sharif, Where they entered inside the Rowza of the beloved Prophet Muhammad . They greeted the Prophet Muhammad and came back after this happened the seven Sahaba put flower garments around their neck and made dua for Hazrat Saab and told them that everything will be fine, regarding the Silsila etc.

Janaza Read By Prophet Muhammad

23th October 2012

Bismillah Ar Rahman Nir Raheem,

Hazrat Shaykh Banaras Owaisi went to sleep in his hotel room and they related what had occurred to them. They said; that they were struggling to sleep due to tension and stress about an individual and that their heart was constantly swearing and they were asking Allah subhantallah for patience. When this happened they weren’t sure if they were in conscious states. They felt that the bed they were lying on had lifted with them on it; it felt like as if they were dead or alive.

The whole bed with Hazrat Saab laying on it went straight to Medina Sharif and they entered inside the Rowza Mubarak. They greeted the prophet Muhammad and they kissed their forehead. After this the Prophet slit open their Chest and placed inside Noor (Light) and it was stitched back up. From there the Prophet said lets go I will meet you in Mecca. Hazrat Saab with the whole bed left and headed towards Mecca and the Prophet sat on the Buraq and they arrived in Mecca.

Hazrat Saab said; that their bed was placed outside the Kabaa and then the Prophet arrived on the Buraq, then the Doors of Kabaa opened and they went inside. When entering inside it was full of light and their whole body was washed with Zamzam water. Their Body was slit open again and all the organs were taken out cleaned and placed back with Noor (light). After this their body with the bed came back out and was placed outside the Kabaa.

They saw millions of people in the mosque and that they were here for the Janaza (Funeral). Then the prophet Muhammad read the Janaza for Hazrat Shaykh Banaras Owaisi and also told them that even if you die, you will be alive. Then Prophet Muhammad left on the Buraq and Hazrat Saab with the bed went back to Medina. There they were given a flower garment and was given a white juba and Hazrat Saab said; their entire body with the bed was full of Noor (Light).

Then Hazrat Saab arrived back but were paralyzed they weren’t sure if they were alive or dead. They tried to speak but couldn’t eventually they screamed really loud and woke back up.

Alhamdulillah this is the first time this had happened where their Janaza was read.