High Temperature, Aches and Pain In My Body Which Left Me Unable To Get Out Of Bed

Aslaamualykum dear readers hope your well, I am writing about my recent experience with the COViD 19 pandemic. I had a high temperature and aches and pain in my body which left me unable to get out of bed. Somebody I know had the same symptoms told me about Shaykh Banaras and I personally knew Shaykh Banaras Owaisi I contacted him on the first day of the symptoms he recited something and I immediately felt cool and aches had gone. He also told me to drink a hot drink with cinnamon, black seed oil and other herbs which was good for the recovery off the COVID 19 symptoms. He kept in contact with me all the way through to make sure I was Ok and helped me fully recover. I can not thank him enough for his help and support he has given me in these difficult times, he doesn’t charge anything so everything is from his own will to help people.

Shaykh Banaras has some projects that he is doing which he asks if you can help but doesn’t force you. His projects are building a mosque or helping the poor I highly recommend you participate in these projects and gain reward from the almighty Allah subhana Watallah.

Zahid Mahmood