Me and My Family Had COVID-19, Praise Be To God That We Are All Fine Now

Aslaamualykum dear readers. Hope the reader finds this testimony in the best of health. I’m writing this testimony about a recent experience that me and my family had with COVID-19 praise be to God that we are all fine now. I would like to notably point out that we contacted a person known as Shaykh Banaras Owaisi after testing positive for COVID-19. We had come across his testimony on Facebook and people had stated that he helped them recover from the virus. Under desperation we thought to give him a try too. To my surprise after talking to him on the phone I suddenly began to feel cooler, the aches in my body also eased. It was as if he pressed a pause button. After me the rest of my family who also were positive for COVID-19 and had symptoms spoken to Shaykh Banaras Owaisi on phone and he recited something and they too felt better. He said for us to drink a special drink which consisted of cinnamon and ginger cloves made in a tea form. This also helped very much with the symptoms. Me and my family have now fully recovered. All praises are to God who created man. May he bless his servants who help people like us. From the bottom of our hearts thank you to Shaykh Banaras. We would like to donate to your project as he didn’t charge us for his services. Thank you for reading.