I Had a High Temperature and Cough For Several Days

Asalaam Alaikum

I had a high temperature and cough for several days and alhamdulilah I am a mureed of Shaykh Banaras Owasi and I gave them a call, Shaykh Banaras Owasi saab said I had Coronavirus and they done a few recitations (Dum) over the phone and instantly I felt much better alhamdulilah. Shaykh Banaras Owasi also told me to drink herbal kava over the phone which really helped me and cured my cough and tempreture immediately.

I have know Shaykh Banaras Owasi for several years and he leads a humble life and has his life devoted on helping others. Therefore it is a blessing to know Shaykh Banaras Owasi as he is a God given gift alhamdililah and has helped many people aswell as myself. I really recommended Shaykh Banaras Owasi for anyone who is also suffering from all these problems as he realty helped me throughout it all.

Falak Ali