My Dad Was Taken Into ICU Where He Was Placed On High Intensity Oxygen Looking Into Being Put In a Induced Coma

In desperation following the admission of my father into hospital after testing positive for covid with severe breathing issues and not been able to see him I was very worried and remembered My Peer Shaykh Banaras Owaisi.

I phoned them late evening (9-10pm) sitting in the car at the hospital car park praying he would answer the phone. Alhamdulilla he answered the phone and was very supportive and encouraged me to keep calm and explain extactly my fathers symptoms.

Dad had tested positive 5 days prior and over the course of the days he was unable to speak more than two words without getting breathless, his fever was non stop and his throat and begun to tighten where he was unable to swallow his own spit.

Shaykh told me he would pray and do Dum on dad straight away and told us to pray too.

The same night dad was taken into ICU where he was placed on high intensity oxygen looking into being put in a induced coma.

Alhamdulilla dad made it though the night without being put in the coma and after speaking to Shakykh early morning he told me dad had a very critical night but I rang just in time for his prayers and Dam to take effect.

Shaykh spent the next two weeks phoning my dad in hospital 3 times a day doing Dam on him and little by little we saw dads health come back - the doctors on one side kept telling us dad little chance of surviving this Virus as his lungs were not stable enough, he was getting 90% oxygen help and told us to be prepared- but Alhamdulilla on the other side our Shaykh told us trust in Allah he is getting better. He kept our faith going and showed us his blessings from Allah how he can help covid patients recover.

Along side my dad my mother and brother were struggling at home with positive covid-19 and after the first phone call from Shaykh we saw them recover within that day.

Shaykh Banaras Owaisi May Allah accept all your efforts and bless you with more. Be it day or night you answered our calls and phones my parents 3 times a day.

They day dad got discharged I was told by the Specialist Doctor for Covid 19 dads recovery in the two weeks was almost a miracle not many had returned home from the same symptoms dad had and the severity of his symptoms were grave.