I Went to Many Different Healers and They Said “You Got A Strong Jinn and Do Not Do Anything Or Things Can Turn Even More Nasty”

My name is Ms Bi ,1 am 25 years and live in Birmingham . 1 had a bad experience in my life five years ago which I was 20 years old I went to Pakistan with my family and my two brothers got married I was fine and healthy.

I stayed in Pakistan for six weeks and then came back to England as soon as I came back I got seriously ill and became very weak I lost so much weight. I could not study I had plans to become a counsellor.

When I was in Pakistan my mothers cousin were asking my hand for marriage I was not ready for marriage I had explained to everyone but then later on I found out that they had done black jadoo on me I was suffering from that also I had a jinn on me all because I refused the marriage also part of jealousy they ruined my life.

Then later on in England I met some friends I did not have a clue what was going on they recommended to me to go see somebody about this matter I went through to a lot of people so much places . I had went to Sufi Abdullah and then I met somebody from India through a friend his name was Shaykh syeed Iftikhar also molvi zaman Quite a lot other people too were friends were telling me they also were suffering from black magic. The first person I met he said I will help you and become my patient like getting bath which I asked my mother she said fine I felt a bit better for a bit then no results things were the sa ne. At the time I was suffering from left wrist and arm pain and back pain lower by the spine and from blood pressure, and anaemic and eczema both of my kidneys were not working properly I had no energy in my lower legs and could not get out of bed and of the sofa I went through all of that it was terrifying and also couple of times I wanted to commit suicide my mother had helped me through this and said that is not the answer to you problem be brave and read namaz which I did. I was struggling to drive because of my arm I had done my house work with one arm and my mother was there for me all the way thanks to her. These people I went to they said they have spiritual powers and they would help me I gave them so much money bit by bit nothing it was all fraud they were messing with my head I was suffering from depression after all this had happen to me they had known this still nothing.

I was looking forward to getting better, all my relatives had seen me like this and my friends I felt crippled then I had given up thinking I will stay like this , I saw some leaflets from the post and newspaper about some African spiritual healers can help you they said they charge £20. 00 pounds then I went to couple of them they were in Birmingham thinking that the asian men did not help me they would. These men I went to they lived in Handsworth and smethwick and spark hill Mosley there names were karim and he asked me about £5000 to solve my problems I replied back to him I don’t work I have not got that amount of money. I must have spent a few thousands going to all different spiritual healers at the time I was not thinking straight I was unstable felt on the edge. Then I had met Ali tumkara he said I got spiritual powers and I will help you all the way and your family. At that time he had known I was suffering from black magic and suffering from depression and he had done a reading in front of me I had quite a lot of enemies he took advantage of that he asked for a lump sum of money. I had given him five thousand once and then later on the rest I was feeling the same no change it was too late 1 explained to him give my money you are a fraud he said no it will take time months were passing by then he moved address then lost contact he went to Africa to his family. I then tried getting my money back but nothing then I met this Shaykh shah from Pakistan and he said I got janat he asked for some money first I sent it to him in the post with a letter along with it explaining everything he did not help at all.

Then my friend was with me most of the time they all had no powers at all they said you got a strong jinn and do not do anything or things can turn even more nasty on you I was scared when they were saying this to me my mother was getting more upset.

Then my friend found out that there was a person named Shaykh Banaras Owaisi in sparkhill who can help with all sorts of problems and has spiritual powers then we were suppose to go down together to the mosque 1 had told her I did not want to go no more I had enough then she said please go with me then at the time my brothers friend had told him that to go down to spark hill and my brother went and Shaykh Banaras Owaisi helped him and told him to bring his mother and sister then I went down with my mother and he took out my jinn first and I was in pain he explained then helped me and gave me taweez to put on and to drink and then later on asked me to become a patient of his.

I was suffering from nazar too he explained he took that out and ever since I know him over a year now he has been there for me and the family thanks to him things look better now and feel good I look mash Allah healthy he said when I saw you were in a state and look at the results now thanks to him and his friends they are amazing. I had people approaching me and saying you look fine who helped you I told them he did and Allah. He explained to me I want you to get better more than anything that was very nice of him and a polite thing to say this was my story at the end it turned out good thanks to him may Allah give him and his family everything he ever wished for.

Allah Hafiz