I Spent £10k On My Illness, Going to Hospitals and Other Healers, Until I Finally Heard About Shaykh Banaras

I am from Birmingham. Going back in mid 2002, I discovered a very bad illness e.g depression, lack of sleep, pins and needles in my whole body, back pains during the months and years to come I was getting very bad.

In mid 2003 I was at that stage where I was going mad. In between this time I had been to hospital 4 or 5 times where I had low back pain scans, camera stuck down my throat, but all the results came back negative. I spent a lot of money on my illness so one day a friend told me to go a spiritual person so I started to go to a few but no success.

Over a period of years I had spent about £10,000, when some person told me about Shaykh Banaras Owaisi I went to him as soon as I walked to the place where he was based. I told him my problems, and he gave me a Taveez to drink, he told me this is a 1 month course and I felt the affects straight away. I felt as if I never had a problem in my whole life, I asked him what was the problem with me and he told me somebody had done Black Magic on me, it was so bad that I was on my last stage.

I was so bad at one stage where I could not get married, Allahumdulilah Allah had sent me to the right person, and thanks to Shaykh Banaras Owaisi who is the true righteous Shaykh, and Allah has gave him the power to cure anybody if he wills.

Thanks to Allah who has gave Shaykh Banaras Owaisi the spiritual powers to cure me. So brothers and sisters who ever is reading this please do not think that I am making up a story.