Smoked For 20 Years and Blew 40k

Dear brothers and sisters

This is my story of how I smoked and never cared for the true meaning of health. I will say that I am a close friend and associate of the beloved Peer Saab. I had smoked for the last 20 years + indulging in other unspeakable vices both immoral and totally sinful ways [haram]. I have literally spent in total 40k [i.e. 2k every year] on smoking for the past 20 years of my life, which has gone in smoke. I could have used this money else where as I now look at it. I was helped and given guidance by Peer Saab. I have now successfully given up these disgusting and religiously unacceptable habits with the help guidance and believing [yakeen] in Allah. Whoever reads this try and remember the trust in Allah.

I have been clean for the last 3 years now. I also live a full and happy life with my beautiful wife and three wonderful children. I can also confidently say that I read my five daily prayers as well as filling other religious duties and Finally, I would like to finish my story by thanking Allah [SWTA] that he put on this earth a person like Hazrat Sain Peer Banaras Owaisi, may Allah further Bless Hazrat Peer Sahib in every way.

Thank you for reading my story.